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Cleaning Business Insurance

You will need a commercial General Liability and a commercial auto policy if your vehicle is used for business. The underwriters will want to know if you do any window cleaning and how many stories and also if you do floor waxing.

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2014-03-21 21:22:38
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Q: What kind of insurance is needed for a commercial cleaning business?
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What type of insurance is needed for floor cleaning business?

Commercial General Liability Insurance.

Commercial Insurance?

form_title=Commercial Insurance form_header=Manage your risk with a commercial insurance policy tailored to fit your specific business needs. Number of Full Time Employees:=_ Currently Insured:= () Yes () No Years In Business:=_ Type of Insurance Needed (Check all that apply):= [] Business Owners Policy [] Commercial Auto Insurance [] Business Property Insurance [] Business Liability Insurance [] Home Business Insurance [] Workers' Compensation [] Business Umbrella Liability [] Professional Liability Insurance [] Directors and Officers Liability [] Business Identity Theft [] Group Health Insurance [] Business Life Insurance [] Key Person Life Insurance [] Agricultural Insurance [] Product Liability Insurance [] Personal Insurance [] Not Sure [] Other

How much is needed cleaning Business Liability Insurance?

Most of the time you need about 500,000 liability policy.

What type of insurance in needed for a house painting business?

Commercial, general liability, and workers compensation.

I would like to start my own cleaning business. Will regular cleaning supples work or do I need commercial cleaning supplies?

It'll mostly have to do with the nature of the cleaning and the volume. If you're dealing with heavy stains, or a lot of items, commercial cleaning supplies will probably be needed.

How is general liability insurance different from comprehensive general liability insurance?

General Liability Insurance is just a form of Liability in the commercial sector. There is a difference in coverages offered in Personal Lines as opposed to commercial or business lines. A broader scope of coverage is needed if you are involved in a commercial (business) venture.

How does commercial truck insurance work?

Commercial truck insurance is needed for anyone transporting cargo for a business. This works by covering any possible incident that your truck may be in. It also covers the cargo, and any potential damages.

What are the insurance policies needed to open a commercial restaurant?

The insurance policies needed to open up a commercial restaurant are to have an income tax report provided to the International Revenue Service that is very important in making a new business as it keeps track of the tax and the tax that people pay and therefore help the business go on without any interruptions.

Why is insurance needed for a business?

to transfer risk from the owner to the insurance company

What insurance is needed for a beauty therapy business?

Insurancees for a beauty therapy business are: Salon insurance, Salon Gold, Beauty Guild, Salon Insurance, Parmai Insurance, Simply Business, Aib Insurance, Hiscox, Insurance House.

What company offers the best commercial liability insurance?

"A lot of insurance quality strongly depends on what exactly is covered and the value needed to properly insure against liabilities involved. However, some top names in the commercial liability insurance business are Nationwide and Bolt. Talking to an insurance agent with specifics would then provide more information."

Purchase a Commercial Truck ?

form_title=Purchase a Commercial Truck form_header=Find a commercial truck that fits the need of your business in the area. How many trucks are needed?=_ What style of truck is needed?=_ What size of truck does your business need?=_

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