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What kind of job can you get with a major in business administration and a minor in photography?

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These days, a Bachelor's degree will get you a management position in the service/retail sector, or an entry level position at a cubicle farm somewhere.

The trick is to network with a diverse range of people so that the merits of your personality will help land you a job somewhere.

These days, nobody but your mother is really impressed that you got a degree.

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What is a good minor to have with a business administration major?

A minor in mathematics would create a solid foundation on which to support your major.

What is a good minor for a computer science major?

Math, Business Administration, any other sciences

How would you prepare for the career of photography?

Some very good advise was given to me years ago. "Major in Business. Minor in Photography." Most photographers do not know how to run a business and starve. So I did and he was right.

What is an Academic Minor?

academic minor is secondary degree requirements under your major which is your main specialization for example bachelors of science business administration degree human resources major marketing minor

Is it possible to attend college with the intention of achieving a major in business administration and a minor in pre-law?

yes it is

How can I major in business administration and minor in accounting?

Just check with your academic adviser at the school, and they will give you the curriculum layout and requirements.

Does a mathematics major have a good chance of obtaining a job in financial administration?

A mathematics major is capable of finding a job in the financial administration field, but it is important to take courses in the finance area as well. It would be helpful to get a second major or a minor in finance or business administration in order to help you obtain such a position.

Could you major in visual arts and minor in photography?

Yes, you can. It is most beneficial when the minor enhances your primary program of study (major), which in this case it appears to do.

What to do with a major in Business Administration Psychology and a minor in French?

Tell French companies working in English-speaking countries who they should hire and how to attract them to the job.

What is the best major for a business minor?

Typically, you choose the major first, then a minor which should enhance your major field of study.

I want to study in psychology but I want to have my own business What majors would I Have to pursue Also what would my income be?

You could pursue a double major in psychology and business administration. Alternatively you can get a major in one of those subjects and a minor in the other. As for your income that depends upon your business and your market.

How much will a person make who has a bachelor's degree in business management with a minor in business administration?

It depends on what area you work for.

Is it a smart idea to have photography as a minor and dance as a major degree?

It should be the other way around

What can you do with a minor in business?

If you minor in business, you should be able to go into management or business administration. You can also begin many entry level business and marketing type of jobs. Some people may choose to go into sales.

Can you major in business and minor in nursing?

common in medical fields

What is a good minor to pair with a major in culinary?

Business and nutrition

How do you put the word minor i sentence?

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What benefits would a minor in business administration bring if one were majoring in political science and was planning on attending law school?

A minor in business administration could be a foundation to help insure a profitable direction for any business. Law school would be the education necessary to becoming a lawyer but would not guarantee that the law practice will turn out to be profitable.

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What jobs can you find with a major in anthropology specifically forensic and a minor in business?

nowhere you dummy

Does George Mason University offer a minor in finance?

No, George Mason University does not offer a minor in finance, but it offers a minor in business (MSOM)! Students that major in Accounting, Finance, Information Systems and Operations Management, Management, or Marketing; are not allowed to minor in business.

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What jobs can you get with a major in Business Economics with an emphasis on Accounting and a minor in Sports Management?

what is agood jod too get after you earned your business degree

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