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The typical answer applies: It depends. However, generally, it will open more doors for you than having not having an associate's degree. Associate degrees more often seem to be preparatory for a terminal degree. For example, an associates in education may be useful for most students only for accessing a bachelor degree in education in order to enter the teaching career path.

If it is a "generalist" associate's degree (humanities, Social Sciences)it may likely give access to some entry level corporate jobs, for example, with insurance companies or state or federal governments.

An associate's degree in the life sciences might get you a technician job for, example, in some hospital laboratories.

Some technical careers seem to be "upgraded" to an associates rank. Examples may be legal secretary, court reporter, medical insurance coding, or aviation mechanic.

And some professional careers may be "downgraded" to an associates degree. Actually, these can be "assistants-to-the professionals". Examples can be a sonographic technician and surveyor technician.

There are also traditional associate degees which have terminal stature in their own right. An RN nurse readily comes to mind in this category.

An "Associate of Arts" or an "Associate of Science" is a type of degree that is awarded in many different fields, from nursing to culinary to general education to drafting. It is typically a two-year degree, where a bachelor's degree is a four-year degree (or two years in addition to an associate's), and a master's is an additional two years beyond The Bachelor's.

What type of job market is available depends on the field. For example, there are a lot of nursing jobs available with an associate's degree in nursing, however there are not many jobs available to someone with an associate's degree in other fields.

You will need to research the field to get a feel for the job market.

More input from others:

  • The best place for the answer to this question is the college offering the degree. The division office or academic department that offers the degree should have information on the kinds of jobs their graduates have obtained.
  • You can have a great paying job with only an AA degree in general ed. I am a teachers aide for a unified school district. You can get paid starting at $12 an hour up to $14 an hour. Depends on what other jobs you are going for. There are a lot of jobs within a school district. Some pay higher than others. You really should look into it. All a teachers aide does would be grading papers, copying papers, a little filing if really needed. Maybe help out on the school yard and watch the kids for an hour or two. You can even tutor. Helping with special ed kids you earn more money. Plus, being bilingual is a plus also. They work around your schedule. You can work 2 hrs, 3 hrs, 3 1/2, up to 5 or 6 hours. This type of job is called a classified position. If you had your credential, you would be certified and be able to teach.
  • If you are interested in working with children in a Daycare, Headstart, Preschool, or Public School, here is a list of jobs you will be able to get with an Associates of Arts Degree: Media Specialist, Paraprofessional, or Teacher Assistant. If you are interested in doing work in an Education Service Cooperative, you should be able to get a job.
  • Many jobs like that people have an AA for math and English education, but if you're looking for a career then go for a BA, If you want to get a job right after your AA, then I would suggest an AAS degree because is studies a certain job field. You can apply at any job with an AA.
  • Nowhere! I have had more turn downs since I have gotten my degree. You are better off acting like a dumby to get a job than you are saying you have a degree.
  • Associate's degrees can be the status quo for entry into police work, retail management, accounting/bookkeeping, business, paralegal work, or nursing. Almost all of these careers mean going back to school for a bachelors. The key point is that they give you a minimum background to start working- once you get a bachelor's and go job hunting for a REAL job and salary, you're going to want to have WORK EXPERIENCE to set you apart from the fresh bachelor's grads who do not have this experience. An Associate's degree is useful for the person ready to break into the work world.
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Q: What kind of job can you get with an associate of science degree?
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What kind of job can you get with an associate of science degree Homeland Security?

You can get a job as a janitor.

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in health science?

associate degree is not a bad degree... i have associate degree in respiratory therapy program.. if you work in the hospital as a respiratory therapist you make good money.

What kind of job can you get with an associate of applied science degree?

That depends entirely on the major. If you get an AAS (associate's of applied science) in management, then you can become a manager. An AAS in computer networking can get you a job as a networking specialist.

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in Criminal Justice?

What kind of job can you get with an associates degree in Criminal Justice

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What kind of jobs can you get with an associate's degree in general education?

You can't get a job with an associate's degree in general education.

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what kind of job can you get with an associates degree in phsycology

What job can you get with an associate's degree in criminal justice?

what kind of job can i get with a associates degree in criminal justice?

Associate's of Applied Science degree in medical assisting?

Most medical assisting jobs require at least an associate of science or an applied science degree. Some employers will provide on the job training.

What kind of job can be get with an associate of applied science degree?

What kinds of jobs are available with an associates degree in criminal justice, without the headache of a civil service exam?

What kind job you can get with associate of arts in religions degree?

An Associate's degree is not likely to get you any kind of specialized work in any field. That would be hard enough to do even with a Bachelor's degree. Go for whatever kind of job you want and/or can get.

What kind of job can you get with a health information technology associate in science degree?

An associate's degree in health information technology qualifies candidates for an entry level job in several types of facilities. Some of the places that someone with this degree could work are hospitals, doctor's offices, and nursing homes.

What degree would an individual need for science employment?

Depending on the job you were seeking, in the field of science, you would need to have a science degree. You can have an Associate of Science, a Bachelor of Science, or a Master in Science degree. These degrees each have numerous fields, and you would need to go for the degree that matches the job you want.

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in interdisciplinary studies?


What job can you get with an Associate of Applied Science in medical office management?

A person can get a job managing a doctor's office with an Associate's degree in medical office management. Kaplan University offers an Associate's degree in medical office management.

What job could you get with an Associate in Science degree?

An associate in science degree is a specialized, generally technical, two year degree. Jobs available to individuals with this degree vary by field of study. It is advised to meet with the school's career resource counselers.

What kind of nursing job can you get with a associate's degree in arts and science?

Those with an associate's degree can usually find entry-level nursing positions. These might include positions as an orderly or nursing assistant, a nurses' aide, or medical assistant.

If I went to a community college and got an associate's degree in applied science without going on what kind of job could i get?

The associate of applied science is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. Thus, the job or jobs that you would qualify for would be dependent on which major you completed.

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in web design?

Web Designer

What kind of job can you get with an Associates of Science and an Associates of Arts degree?

Dental field, nursing, criminal justice. Culinary field for Associate of Arts.

Where can you get a job in North Carolina if you have an associate's degree?

It depends on what you have an associate degree in.

What type of job can you get with a 4-year degree in Wildlife Science?

As Zoo-keeper or Research associate in an institution

What kind of job can you get with a Bachelor of Science degree with merit?

A degree of any kind does not guarantee a job. This degree would be recognized as valuable in a wide variety of business and technological jobs.

What job can you get with an associate's degree in English?

what job can a person get with an English degree

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in accounting?

These days, an Associate's Degree is considered a first step, and certainly a step in the right direction. It will get you hired in the accounting department of many companies, where you can get valuable on-the-job experience. But most major firms expect and prefer an accountant to have at least a Bachelor's degree: generally, it's a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major in accounting. Many good schools offer such a degree.