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Serve alcohol (in most states)

Dangerous labor that would make them a liability

Most medical professions

Jobs that go past curfew (like closing a store or working in a late night diner)

Many sales positions require 18+


Limo/taxi driver

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Q: What kind of jobs can teens not do?
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What kind of jobs can pre-teens get?

pre-teens can get all kind of jobs babysitting, cutting grass, tutoring younger kids, lemonade stand, newspaper route, cleaning neighbors houses, asking local grocery stores for grocery bagging jobs, typing papers Ex: $1.75 a page These are some jobs that you can get as a pre-teen

Keansburg New Jersey jobs for teens?

You have a big but for teens and you have big titees for teens

What did the teens have a job?

Yes teens can get jobs from many places.

What kind of jobs can teens work at at the age of 13 and older?

McDolands, u can work there at 14 yrs old

Why do teens need jobs?

Most teens need jobs to have extra money or to pay their phone bill or car insurance.

What are some possible jobs for teens in Chicago?

Some possible jobs for teens in Chicago are fast food restaurant jobs, lifeguard jobs, and working at the mall. Teenagers can also babysit and do yard work.

What jobs are there for teens 12 up in San Francisco?

Teens are 13 and up. Twelve-year-olds are not teens.

Which of which of these happened during the Great depression?

Many people became hobos apex

What jobs i there for teens?

I Think the only work fof teens either maid , crew ,

List of jobs for teens 15 in Lafayette Louisiana?

Get yo life their are no jobs

What jobs are there for teens in San Francisco?


How many teens have summer jobs?


Where can a 12 year ol?

jobs for teens

Where are jobs for teens age 14 in Maryland?

For teens aged 14, they are not old enough to legally get jobs. Some things they can do in Maryland to get some extra cash are doing odd jobs and babysitting for neighbors.

Is the only good jobs for teens, babysitting?

Some other good jobs for teens might include dog walking or providing cleaning services. Some teens also like to tutor younger kids in math.

Looking for jobs for teens 14 and older?


Jobs hiring teens?

any grocery store

What is the best paying jobs for teens?

Paper round

Do girls like teens with jobs?

Yes....of course

Why do teens get jobs?

Teens get jobs because they have to feel independent. Sometime they need cash in their pocket so they get a job to get cash. Rather than going out & selling drugs.

What kind of jobs did England have?

what kind of jobs did

What are some ideas for summer jobs for teens?

Some of the most popular summer jobs for teens include babysitting and life guarding. Mowing lawns for people or walking dogs are other common summer jobs as well.

Why do most teens have jobs?

Well most teens have jobs to be able to buy a new car or to pay for their cell phone bills.or because they have to come up with the money they owe.

Why do all teens need jobs for?

all teens need jobs so they can learn responsibility and learn to take care of themselves parent woulnt be around for ever all teens need jobs so they can learn responsibility and learn to take care of themselves parent woulnt be around for ever

Jobs hiring 15 old teens in houstontx?

kroger .