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Special events coverage- Try this link

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Q: What kind of liability insurance should you have if you have block party events attended by two or three thousand people each year?
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What is event liability insurance? websites such as these can tell you what event liability insurance is

When is it necessary to have events insurance Should I purchase this for my company?

Events insurance is insurance on a one-time event, such as a wedding. You'd be better off going with just regular business insurance or liability insurance for your company. You don't need events insurance for a company, just liability. Events insurance is more for things like concerts or special events that need one-time coverage.

What kind of special events would require someone to get liability insurance?

There are many reasons to get liability insurance. All states within the United States require at least liability insurance to drive an automobile. Those in medical professions also get a liability insurance called malpractice insurance.

What type of liability insurance do you need for childrens birthday parties?

If the parties are small events at your home then your homeowners insurance should be sufficent to cover any liability concerns. If it is some big event you can purchase special event coverage to provide liability insurance for the event. These are suprisingly inexpensive for one or two day events.

What should I know before purchasing event liability insurance?

Speak to a professional about the details of the event. An insurance agent can review the potential for both loss and liability and advise you accordingly. Not all insurance would be suitable for all events.

Where can I find information on event insurance?

Yes event liability insurance is available for many different types of events. If you currently have insurance for our home, you agent would be the best place to start. One websites that handles insurance just for special events is

What are three types of Club Insurance?

There are three basic types of gym and sports club insurance. The first is public liability insurance. This type of insurance is essential if you operate a large club. The second is employer's liability. This type of insurance covers your employees should any of them get hurt on the job. The third is property cover insurance which covers the club/gym itself as well as the equipment from events such as theft, natural disasters, damage, fire, etc.

Event Liability Insurance Protects Planners?

Event planners owe it to themselves to invest in liability insurance. If there is a theft from the entertainment or a vendor or other participant, planners may be held liable. If there is an accident in which property is destroyed, liability insurance protects the planner from financial ruin. Individual complaints due to accidents are covered by liability insurance. Event planners can also insure their event against a disaster that threatens to eat all the profits or worse shuts down the entire event. Smart financial planning requires that events be insured against these problems.

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What different types of event liability insurance can I get for a low price?

You may need host and property damage coverate. You can get some help here

Where can one purchase events insurance?

One can purchase events insurance from The Event Helper and Insure a Party. One can also purchase events insurance from One Day Event and Private Event Insurance.

How much liability insurance does a cleaning business need?

The answer depends on how much you can anticipate your potential liability to be. For example, if you are cleaning, run a frayed extension cord to the sweeper. If a fire occurs and kills a sleeping child, or if the fire spreads to another house, the damages can be very great. Recognize though, that liability insurance policies come in various varieties, and usually have "per occurrence" limits. There are likely programs that are specially designed for your industry and which reflect typical liability limits. In all events, you should consult a licensed insurance broker who is knowledgeable about the nature of your business for guidance. Requirements also vary by state.

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