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A dental license for the state he practices in at a minimum. There may be additional requirements depending upon the individual state. In order to be a specialist in orthodontics (orthodontist) a minimum of 2 years of an orthodontic residency must be completed leading to a certificate in orthodontics. Some programs also lead to a Master's degree. The accomplishment of obtaining a Master's degree is performed by completing a research project, writing and defending a thesis. All programs, whether they are certificate programs or Master's programs require some research work, but a Master's program requires writing and defending a thesis. Which orthodontist is a better clinician? There is no difference in clinical skills. The difference is that the Master's degree enables the orthodontist to go back into teaching (academics) and/or to be involved in research if he or she so chooses.

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No. You need special training and a professional license to be an orthodontist.

Do orthodontist need a license to work?


What kind of background does an orthodontist need?

Db, phd, rn.

What kind of education does an orthodontist need?

An orthodontist graduates dental school, and usually is in the field for a year or two. Then a for year pros school.

What do you need to do to to prepare to be a orthodontist?

What do i need to do to prepare for being a orthodontist?

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You need an O.P 25 to become an orthodontist.... ROD!

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You need an orthodontist. An Orthodontist is someone who specializes in braces. Your orthodontist may be able to give you invisalign or they may send you to an Orthodontist who can.

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What da'ya think!I'm a orthodontist and your not LOL!!!!!

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An Orthodontist.

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