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A flashlight Answer chemical, in a sealed environment.

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Q: What kind of light source would be the safest to use in mines?
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What kind of light source would be the safest to use in buildings or mines that might be filled with explosive gas?

chemiluminescence, anything that doesnt use electricity or an open flame

Which kind of light source would be the safest to use in buildings or mines that may be filled with explosive gas and why is that light source important to use?

i have no idea sorry but maybe if you go on a different website. and oh ily mi husbands Emma and skye and peeps that c this skye is a water monkey ? ily chookalicious ? mwh ?

What is the best and safest source of phytochemicals?

Fruits and Vegetables rich in vitamin A are the best and safest source of photochemicals, of course if you payed attention in my class, then you would no need to ask this question.

Would a rainbow be considered a natural light source?

No it is not a light source but a light trick a light source produces light

What would happen if the sun was the only source of light?

It is the only source of light!

Is there a need for a screwdriver with a light source?

I think that a screwdriver with a light source would be a marketable product. It would appeal to a wide range of professions. E.g. Joiners/carpenters.

Is the sun the only light source in the universe?

No, the Sun is not the only light source in the univrse. Every star is it's own light source, just as the sun is, but due to there distance they are not very effective. The Moon also creates a light source, because it reflects the light from the Sun back to earth. In the same way, if we where on the Moon, the Earth would be a light source, reflecting the light from the Sun at the moon.

What are other light sources?

Another light source would be the sun and electricity,light is a form of energy!

What are 4 compents of a flash light?

Generically, a power source (usually batteries), a light source (usually a light bulb), a switch to turn it on and off, and wiring of some sort to connect the energy source to the light source. Theoretically this is the minimum you would need to build a "flashlight".

How would you hit the metal rod to create a longitudinal wave?

You would either position the object creating the shadow perpendicular to the light source or move it closer to the light source.

What are 3 artificial light sources?

1.electric light ,because without electricity ,an electric light would not be a light source...............................2. a candle ,because without the flame from the match's flames the candle would not be alight source.......................................................the moon ,because it reflects the light that is giving to it by the sun un, so if there wasn't a sun the moon wouldn't be a light source

What is a natural light source?

If you mean an artificial source of natural light, this would be a light designed to give the correct balance between different light colors, so that objects seen in that light would look the same colors as they do under normal natural daylight.

The primary source of heat and light on earth?

This would be the sun.

If you stand with your back to a light source where would your shadow be?

Behind you

Function of mirror in the microscope?

In a compound microscope, it can have a light bulb or use a mirror for a light source. Using a mirror, you would have to use the sun or some sort of other light source.

Which source of energy would be the most economical and safest for the community to pursue?


Where is the safest place to be during a tsunami?

The safest place would be way out in the ocean, the most you would feel is a small wave.

A red light source and a green light source shine on a white screen what color will the screen be explain answer?

It would be come a white light( it will show up to have a rainbow streak on the screen though)

To what is the illumination of a surface by a light source directly proportional?

The illumination on the surface would be reduced by a factor of four, thereforeif the distance from a light source is doubled, the illumination provided by the source is one fourth as great.

how much do welders get paid and what is the safest welding job?

They can make 60,000-100,000 but not on the safest job safest would be working auto body

Why does light get dimmer as you move farther away from the light source?

The light diffuses as the distance increases. So a flashlight, for example, would project a cone of light. As you move farther away, less of the cone's area would be striking you directly, so you see the source as dimming with distance.

Where would be the safest place to be during a tornado?

The safest place to be during a tornado is in a basement or cellar.

Is a light bulb a source of an electric current?

No. The term SOURCE means that it is a supply of electrical energy, and a light bulb does not supply electricity, it uses it. A battery, generator, fuel cell, or solar cell would be a source.

Is most safest grammatically correct?

No it is redundant. The comparative and superlative of "safe" are "safer" and "safest". The "most" is unneccesary. You would write or say simply "the safest".

Is it true or false the second postulate of special relativity says that the speed of light in empty space depends on the motion of the source or of the observer?

False. The speed of light in empty space is a constant, independent of the motion of the source/observer. An observer travelling towards or away from a light source at 99% the speed of light would measure light going the same speed as an observer stationary relative to the light source.