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Q: What kind of mass movements advance so rapidly that a person could not outrun them?
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Is it possible for a human to outrun a Formula 1 car from a complete stop?

From a complete standstill, a person can outrun a Formula 1 car for about 30 metres.

What to do if held at gunpoint?

You do not panic; do as he says until you get the chance to get the perpetrator's weapon. You do NOT advance towards the person or make any sudden movements if they are further than an arm's length away.

Name an animal that an elderly person can outrun?

me? I can definitely outrun a sloth. everyone can do that.thanksMarz (nickname)

What is calls in advance?

Advance Payment - 'Agaavu bharaleli rakkarm'Advance person - 'Modest person'

A person who arranges dance movements?

A person who arranges dance movements is known as a choreographer. This artists designs the movements and flow of a dance.

What is advance called in marathi?

Advance Payment - 'Agaavu bharaleli rakkarm'Advance person - 'Modest person'

Can someone outrun the light?

Not unless that person can run 186,000 miles per second (which is humanly impossible).

What is an advance person?

An advance person is a person who travels to a destination in order to arrange accommodation, meetings or security for celebrities or other such public figures.

Can a person outrun lava of 2.7 meters per second?

2.7 meters per second is the same speed as 100 meters in 37 seconds. A person ... Usain Bolt ... has run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. If, in the person's state of hyper-adrenaline-fueled terror, he can run only 1/4 as fast as Usain Bolt, then he can outrun that lava. Just barely.

What will be the person debit or credit who has taken advance salary?

A person who has taken an advance of salary, has taken a loan from his/her employer and is therefore in debt to the employer.

Is aging an adjective?

"Aging" can either be an adjective (as in, "an aging person") or a gerund (as in, "The person was aging rapidly").

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