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involuntary muscles

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Q: What kind of muscles are working when heart is beating?
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What kind of muscles is the heart made of?

cardiac muscles

What kind of muscles are cardiac muscle?

muscles that relate to the heart

What class of muscles move food along the digestive tract and keep the heart beating?

Involuntary muscles perform the work of internal organs. In the case of the digestive tract, peristaltic muscles are smooth muscle that surrounds the intestines; the heart uses cardiac muscle, a special kind of striated muscle.

What does exercise have to do with your heart?

It has to do with your heart because when you exercise, your heart beats faster every time and it tells when you're working hard or not. When your heart beats too fast, it means you are working too hard and you might have to take a break. But if your heart isn't beating to fast, then it means you're not working that hard. If your heart is beating not too hard or not too slow, then you would be in good shape. Sometimes when you work too hard, your heart may have some problems and start having some kind of stroke or something.

The heart muscles is also known as what kind of muscle?

it is also known as cardiac muscles.

Most of your muscles are striated skeletal muscles but you also have smooth muscles Which of these organs has a third type a striated kind?


What kind of fitness uses the ability of the heart lungs and vascular system to deliver oxygen and blood to the working muscles during sustained physical activity?

Cardiovascular fitness

How does the heart's ability to contract differ from that of other muscles?

heart muscles show a special kind of behavior they show all or none response that is they all are all interconnected and contract and relax simultaneously

What kind of muscles are found covering your skeleton?

Skelatal muscles. there are three types of muscles Smooth (linining the digestive system) Cardiac (your heart) and Skelatal (triceps biceps pecs)

What is the difference between skeltal muscles and cardiac muscles?

1 is connected also the cardiac muscles are the only of its kind to make the heart move and pump blood to where it needs to go. smooth muscles are conected to the bones.

Does your brain stop working when you are asleep?

No. It goes in to a kind of stand by mode because it has to keep things like your heart working.

What muscles move food through our digestive system or keep our hearts beating?

The smooth muscles in the walls of the digestive system contract to keep food moving through the alimentary canal. In the small intestine, there are circular and longitudinal muscles which together produce the pinching and squeezing movement we call peristalsis. The heart itself is made of muscle, a special kind called cardiac muscle, and its contractions are what pushes the blood around.

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