What kind of music did Laura Ingalls Wilder like?

Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in a time where music was generated by local talent. Most small communities at the time would have a local guitar, clawhammer banjo, and several fiddle players. In her writings she mentions many times that Pa played the fiddle really well!!! Mary, her sister could also play the piano!!! Many of the songs are mentioned. Most of the songs would be classified as old time fiddle music. Songs mentioned in the books are: Pop goes the Weasel, Devil's Dream, Arkansas Traveler, Buffalo Gals, Yankee Doodle, Irish Washerwoman, Auld Lang Syne, Rock of Ages, Dixie, Ring-around-a-Rosy, When Johnnie Comes Marching Home, Camptown Races, 3 Blind Mice, Highland Fling, Sweet By and By, The Star Spangled Banner, Jingle Bells, Polly Wolly Doodle, and many others. Later in life she probably would have heard the early beginnings of jazz, country, and even Rock and Roll (she passed away in the late 50s). I don't think she would like it though!