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What kind of oil for a 12.5 Briggs and Stratton riding lawn mower?

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10w30 Synthetic oil is what is best for any air cooled engine. You can also use straight 30w.

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What kind of oil does a 3.5 hp Briggs and stratton lawn mower take?

Briggs and stratton engines use different oils depending on the temperature to which the engines will be used. Generally sae30 oil should be used for mower engines

What kind of parts does Briggs stratton make?

Briggs Stratton makes many different lawn mower parts. On their website one can find standby and portable generators, pressure washers, cleaning systems and snow blowers.

What kind of oil does a 12.5 HP Briggs and Stratton mower take?

Generally Briggs calls for 30W but you can also use 10w30 especially if you are using it in cool temperatures.

What kind of oil does a 5.0 HP Briggs and Stratton mower take?

regular 30 W, it says elsewhere on the Net, at least for some models in your category

Why wont your Briggs and stratton mower get spark to the spark plug?

Without knowing what engine or what kind of mower it is this is just a guess. But, it is possible that your flywheel and/or coil have gotten rusty and are not getting the conact that they need to make the spark. Try removing the cover and sanding the flywheel and coil. If it is a riding mower with a key switch there are many possibilities including anything from a bad switch to one of the safety switches.

What kind of oil does Briggs and stratton mower use?

SAE 30W in the summer and SAE 10w30 in the winter. I recommend you use 100% synthetic oil in any air cooled engine.

What kind of oil can you use in a Briggs and stratton push mower 500 series?

SAE 30 weight or SAE 10W-30 weight. I recommend you use 100% synthetic oil in your air-cooled engine.

What kind of oil in snapper riding lawn mower?

10w30 oil is what is recommended

What kind of oil for a 20HP Briggs and Stratton lawn tractor?

The recommended oil is 5w30 full synthetic oil.

What kind of oil does a Briggs and Stratton 550 Series take?

Briggs and Stratton only recommend using their own brand of lawnmower oil. This oil is available in stores for around $6 for 18oz. This particular oil is designed to be compatible with air cooled engines.

What kind of oil does a 15.5 hp Briggs and stratton take?

SAE 10w30 Full Synthetic is what I recommend in any air cooled engine lawn mower. Change the oil/filter every 50 hours or each year whichever comes first.

What kind of oil for the Briggs and Stratton 12.5 engine on the lawn mower?

SAE 30W for summer & SAE 10W30 for winter use. I highly recommend you use 100% Synthetic oil in any air cooled engine. And major brand will do just fine.

What kind of oil to use in a 13.5 hp Murray select riding mower?

If you raise the hood of the mower up it should have it on the yellow detailed sticker of mower. Normally 10w30

Whats the best riding mower for hilly terrain?

The best riding mower for hilly terrain is would be any kind of walk behind mower as you control it's movements, speed, and direction. However, if you have a large yard and want a riding mower newer LG mowers a good bet. An older option would be a Gravely Garden Tractor.

What kind of oil does an 12.5 hp MTD riding mower use?

I have the exact same mower and I use mobil 1 5w30 and it seems to work

Where can I find info on Montgomery ward riding mower tmo-33886a?

What kind of info do you need? What kind of info do you need?

What kind of oil does a 2007 poulan 15.5 Briggs and stratton motor take?

Sae 30w if it is over 50 Fahrenheit. 10w-30 if it is under.

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