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What kind of pregnancy complications should an insulin dependent diabetic expect?


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2004-05-28 11:47:53
2004-05-28 11:47:53

My cousin is an insulin dependent diabetic & she had a very rough pregnany & the baby was premature. He had to have a few surgeries after birth also. But now he is a healthy 16 month old baby. She on the other hand now has liver & stomach cancer. Any prayers is much needed. They only gave her 6 months.


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It is possible for a non-insulin-dependent diabetic type 2 to be healthy if the effort is made. Moreover, there is growing evidence that some non-insulin-dependent diabetic type twos can (through sustained effort) "reverse" their diabetic diagnoses via diet and exercise.

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type 1 diabetes is insulin dependent and type 2 diabetes is insulin independant. basically meanind type 1 is more serious it can cause death if not treated properly. Type 2 is not insulin dependent unless the person does not exercise enough and eat right, then some Type 2 Diabetic can become insulin dependent.

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Insulin Dependent Diabetic Mellitus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis

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