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My cousin is an insulin dependent diabetic & she had a very rough pregnany & the baby was premature. He had to have a few surgeries after birth also. But now he is a healthy 16 month old baby. She on the other hand now has liver & stomach cancer. Any prayers is much needed. They only gave her 6 months.

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Q: What kind of pregnancy complications should an insulin dependent diabetic expect?
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What is the abbreviation for a diabetic who must use insulin to control the disease?

IDDM: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

Is it possible for anyone with diabetes to be healthy and not use insulin?

It is possible for a non-insulin-dependent diabetic type 2 to be healthy if the effort is made. Moreover, there is growing evidence that some non-insulin-dependent diabetic type twos can (through sustained effort) "reverse" their diabetic diagnoses via diet and exercise.

What autoimmune diseases are more common in men?

Insulin Dependent Diabetic Mellitus

What is the normal blood sugar range of an insulin dependent diabetic?


What is the difference between insulin dependent and insulin independent diabetes?

type 1 diabetes is insulin dependent and type 2 diabetes is insulin independant. basically meanind type 1 is more serious it can cause death if not treated properly. Type 2 is not insulin dependent unless the person does not exercise enough and eat right, then some Type 2 Diabetic can become insulin dependent.

What are 3 autoimmune disease?

Insulin Dependent Diabetic Mellitus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis

Which type of diabetes is insulin-dependent?

well really type 1 is when u take insulin but also if u have type 2 and the pill doesnt work then u half to take insulin p.s. im am a diabetic

Do people with type 2 diabetes always require insulin?

Type 2 diabetics really shouldn't be put on insulin at all. Insulin only makes a type 2 diabetic have more problems like insulin resistance and leads to gaining weight which leads to more diabetic complications.

What is level 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a type of diabetes where the individual is not fully dependent on insulin. A type 1 diabetic requires insulin.

What type of diabetic is always insulin dependent?

This type of diabetes has several names, including type one diabetes, juvenille diabetes, and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. However, some type two diabetics also take insulin.

What is insulin dependent gestational diabetes?

Insulin dependent gestational diabetes is diabetes in pregnancy that must be treated with insulin. Some women may have milder cases and can lower their blood sugar through diet and exercise. Others need extra insulin to combat high blood sugar levels in pregnancy.

What is the difference between a Type-1 diabetic and an insulin-dependent diabetic?

Type-1 diabetics are generally insulin-dependent, but not all insulin-dependent diabetics are type-1. Type-1 refers to how the patient contracted diabetes -- by having their pancreatic beta cells stop producing insulin, usually due to an autoimmune disorder. Type-2 diabetics became diabetic through a combination of genetic and lifestyle problems that reduced insulin production and/or increased insulin resistance. Type-2 diabetics usually begin treatment with diet changes and oral medications that increase insulin production or reduce resistance, rather than taking injections of actual insulin. But a Type-2 diabetic may become insulin-dependent over time, if treatment isn't effective. The high blood sugar can attack the pancreas (through oxidative stress and amyloidosis), reducing insulin production until even oral medications are no longer adequate.

What has the author Jean-Pierre Felber written?

Jean-Pierre Felber has written: 'From obesity to diabetes' -- subject(s): Complications, Diabetes Mellitus, Non-Insulin Dependent, Etiology, Glucose, Insulin, Metabolism, Non-insulin-dependent diabetes, Obesity, Physiopathology, Risk factors

Why insulin give to diabetic patient?

Insulin is typically given to a diabetic because their pancreas has stopped working. A normal person's pancreas creates insulin and breaks down the sugars in the food you eat. Since a diabetic no longer has a working pancreas, insulin is given in place of the insulin they no longer have.

How often does an insulin dependent diabetic take blood sugar levels during the day?

At least 4 times, especially before/after meals.

What is a good diabetic breakfast?

That would depend on whether you're a type I or a type II diabetic and what your treatment is. For an insulin-dependent type I diabetic it should be a regular ballanced breakfast. It should, of course, also be ballanced against the insulin intake.

What are the medicine for diabetic person?


What is a diabetic pump used for?

A diabetic pump, also known as an insulin pump, is used to regulate the amount of insulin used by a patient. It is an alternative to having multiple insulin injections a day.

Could dogs be diabetic?

Yes. The incidence of diabetes among dogs is on the rise. There is a growing epidemic of canine obesity. Some dogs are insulin dependent diabetics.

Why would a diabetic person be required totake insulin shot?

A diabetic needs to take insulin shots because their pancreas no longer produces the necessary amount or doesn't produce any insulin.

If you inject a diabetic shot by mistake would you be diabetic?

You do not become diabetic by injecting yourself with insulin; your body naturally produces insulin. You become diabetic when your pancreas stops working well (or stops working at all.) However, you could lapse into a coma and die if there is too much insulin in your body. Do NOT inject insulin into yourself or anyone else unless told by a doctor to do so.

What is the difference between insulin dependent diabetes and non insulin dependent diabetes?

Type 1 diabetics cannot produce their own insulin so depend on insulin shots, thus they have insulin dependent diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is often referred to as non insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM) due to the fact that in a lot of cases it can be dealt with without the need for regular insulin injections.

What are uses of insulin?

The use of insulin is lowering the amount of sugar in the blood in diabetic patiens.

What type of insulin is given to a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis?

Regular Insulin (Humulin R)

Type 2 diabetes is known as insulin dependent diabetes?

No, Type I diabetes is known as insulin dependent.