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Verizon offers a range of prepaid plans; from unlimited calling to Verizon Wireless Customers, or a web prepaid plan for just $50 a month. There is also a prepaid $80 smartphone plan that gives you 30 days of unlimited talk and text.

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Q: What kind of prepaid plans does Verizon offer?
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Can you buy pre paid virgin mobile phones?

Virgin mobile does offer prepaid mobile phones. you can choose certain phones and they offer different kind of prepaid plans to choose from. you decide what you want they dont choose it for you.

What kind of internet plans does cellcom have?

Celcom has a variety of different internet plans to suit a variety of different types of circumstances. These include prepaid unlimited plans, prepaid security plans and pay as you go plans.

What kind of data services does Verizon offer?

Individual PlansFamily PlansPrepaid PlansMobile Broadband PlansVerizon requires data plans for NON-SMARTPHONESVerizon will end UNLIMITED DATA FOR IPHONES

What kind of plans does T-Mobile offer?

Individual and Family Plans. Individual ranges from 29.99-99.99. Family Plan ranges from 59.99-149.99 You can get packages too that include a plan and a phone. They have prepaid and flexpay plans for budget needs. Business plans for companies to use t mobile. Internet and email plans for your blackberry.

What kind of plans does ATandT GoPhone offer?

AT&G GoPhone is a prepaid wireless phone plan that has no contract, deposit, or credit check. Users can choose either to pay by the month, day or minute.

What are the different kind of cellphone plans available?

The plans for cellphones are unlimited. They vary from business users, seniorusers , prepaid, contract, and also include smartphone users and unlimited plans.

What kind of services does Optus offer to Australians?

Optus is probably one of the leading edge communication service in Australia. They offer mobile communications, plans, prepaid options, etc. They also have a strong anti-virus system to provide protection for the costumers.

Where can I compare cell phone provider plans?

I like to ask my friends what kind of plans they have and see if they are happy with their providers. Many people choose to use the cheaper prepaid plans as opposed to the contract plans.

What kind of ringtones can be downloaded at Verizon?

Verizon website does not have any ringtones to download. The website Verizon mainly covers information about the services they offer and store locator etc.

What kind of companies offer prepaid wireless phone services?

There are many companies that happen to offer prepaid wireless phone services. One would be able to find these phone services at companies such as T Mobile or AT&T.

What kind of plans does Verizon have for cell phones for seniors?

The Verizon network provider has a cell phone plan specifically designed for seniors. The plan name is 'Nationwide 65 Plus Plans'. This plan covers lesser minutes for a lower rate.

What kind of data rates does Verizon Wireless charge?

Verizon offers a variety of data plan options. Verizon currently offers plans that range from $30 a month for 2GB all the way up to $80 for 10GB.

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