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None they will always lie, especially if they want to stay with you. The only way to truly tell is if they are taking better care of themselves like going to the gym, new underwear, new cologne, showers right when he gets home, or smells different, you can go to and they also have some great suggestions as well. Also if you think he is cheating then you have already lost your trust in him you should move on also if you accuse him and he actually has not then he may not look at you the same either it is a lose lose situation.


Yes they will lie through their teeth. But a direct question with your sweet voice, make sure you are calm and no suspicious in your eyes might do it. Just ask your husband, and say; " Do you think you'll ever cheat on me one day?" or " will you ever desire another woman?" If he answer your question make sure you look at his eyes. Good luck!

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Q: What kind of questions can you ask your man to see if he is truly faithful or if he is cheating?
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