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What kind of schooliong involved in vet assistant?


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Veterinary assistants may have just a high school diploma or GED, or they may have completed a 2-year Associate's degree program.


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To be a vet assistant you only need 2 years of college and some people dont even have to go to college

classes to be a vet you go for 8 years and you need to have some kind of expierience with animals so while your going to college do part time vet assistant

the standard vet gets about 72.000 a year

Well my aunt was a vet assistant and she said it would be harder to be a vet because you have to see what the animals have like different kinds of diseases and a vet assistant would have to call the patients to the checkup room Or make appointments with people that need vets. I Hoped This Helped You!

In the United States, a vet assistant is a person with no formal training (usually) in veterinary medical techniques. Therefore, you can become a vet assistant simply by being hired to do the job - you will be trained on the job to perform your assigned tasks.

The median expected salary for a typical Veterinary Assistant in the United States is $24,415. Vet Assistant make about $8-10 an hour. Vet TECHS make about $24,415

It varies. To be a veterinary assistant you probaby only have to be 16(unless you have a work permit) . I was a volunteer at the age of 11- then by 14 became a vet. assistant.

a vet assistant doesnt make much cash but they do make only about 26,000 a year and can improve if you move up to be a veternary surgeon

2-4 years of higher education to be a vet tech

This would be either a vet tech or a vet assistant.

MOST MAKE ABOUT $8.39 an hour.

He/she assists the vet. This can be during a surgery, or an exam.

depends on what kind of vet you are!

I thing you need to go to veterinaryschool, college, whatever you want to call it, then you should be a assistant to a vet, THEN try to get a job as a vet.

Generally, the veterinarian is responsible for the actions of non-licensed employees. Therefore if a veterinary assistant performs tasks that he or she is not legally allowed to perform, the veterinarian can be reprimanded and fined. If the veterinarian did not assign these tasks to the assistant, he may choose to fire the assistant.

Most vet assistants dress in scrubs.

Animal Health Technology, Vet Assistant Colleges - Education Reference

A vet assistant can study for 2-four years and a vet assistant is in the agriculture cluster. A full- fledged veternarian studies for 8-10 years and is in the Health Science cluster.

I think you would just hand the vet the supplies they need or whateverrr. :)

It's generally a low hourly, but better than minimum. If you are in school, it is better to go for vet.

yes, you will have to at least hire one person as an assistant.

the answer of what are the disciplines of becoming a vet is you have to know research about every kind of pet that a person would have and what kind of vet you would like to be and if a ceo or not because you have to know if you want to own a place or not and what kind of vet you want to be! that's my answer to your question

Yea but you have to have experience and training like you would have to have gone to a high school that taught you that kind of stuff, and you could only be like an assistant, unless your a genius

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