What kind of snake does the hawk eat?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What kind of snake does the hawk eat?
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Can a hawk eat a king snake?

Yes a hawk can eat a king snake! But they would have to fight a while!

What carnivore would eat a snake?

A Hawk would eat a snake

Can a snake eat a hawk?


Can a hawk eat a snake?


What do wolf mouse rabbit deer hawk and snake?

what kind of a question is this!!!what do wolf mouse rabbit deer hawk and snake....................................?there needs to be more information to complete the question for example what do rabbits and deer eat for breakfast ?

What eats a Hawk and a Snake?

Hawk eat snakes. And some bigger hawks eat small hawks.

Which two predators eat the lizard?

snake and hawk

Can hawk eat a poisounous snake?

Yes..There are videos of a red tailed hawk killing a rattlesnake.

Do hawks eat rattlesnakes?

No. They eat small rodents and animals, but a hawk will eat a snake. I have seen them catch one.

What Food can you eat in the swamp?

the question is what can't you eat in the swamp!! Eat anything

Does a hawk eat a coral snake?

Red shouldered hawks eat snakes often, and would take a coral snake.

A snake is about to eat some small eggs it has found in a birds nest. A hawk swoops down and eats the snake. What is the role of the hawk?

tertiary consumer