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The vacuum does not produce sound waves nor, can sound waves travel through them. A sound wave needs something to travel on/through, such as air. A vacuum doesn't contain any particles required for sound waves.

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What kind of waves are sound echoes?

Sound echoes are simply reflected sound waves. The are longitudinal mechanical waves.

What kind of waves are sound waves?

it is longitudinal waves. for a+ users.

What kind of sound is produced by sound waves with peaks that are close together?

which kind of sound is produced by sound waves with peaks that are very close together?

Sound waves are what kind of waves?

sound waves are mechanical waves made by an objects vibration. They are longitudinal waves.

Which kind of waves requires a medium?

Sound (compression) waves.

Which kind of waves are sound waves?

compressional waves they swerve up and down

Sound waves are what kind of wave?

Sound waves are longitudinal waves; they travel from side to side, not up and down like transverse waves.

What kind of sound waves produce a high pitch?

The kind of sound waves that cause the highest sounding pitch would the the really thin and fast moving ones. There is, however a difference between big waves that are thin and fast, making a high pitched sound louder. This fact also applies with low, and thick slow moving waves as well. I'm 13 and hope this helped.

What kind of waves are used for communication?

You use sound waves to communicate.

What kind of waves exhibit interference?

Sound waves, radio waves, and water waves all exhibit inference.

What kind of sound waves are used for modern painless surgery?

Laser Sound Waves are used in modern painless surgeries.

What kind of wave does sound travel at?

Sound waves are always longitudinal in nature.

What kind of waves are sound and light?

Sound is a mechanical wave.Light is an electromagnetic wave.

Do light waves produce sound?

Light is silent, it produces no sound. However, with the right kind of equipment, it is possible to convert a signal in a laser beam into sound; phone conversations can be carried by light in a fiber optic cable.

What kind of wave travels only through a medium?

Mechanical waves, including sound waves.

What kind of wave travels by squeezing and spreading?

Sound waves are the waves that travel by squeezing and spreading.

What kind of waves are not transverse waves?

Waves are often classified as transverse or longitudinal. The sideways vibrations of a string and the surface waves on water are a good examples of transverse waves. Sound waves in fluids (e.g. sound in air, sound traveling under water) are examples of longitudinal waves. In solids, you can have both transverse and longitudinal waves.

What form does sound travel?

sound travels in longitudinal waves of varying pressures. Kind of like this: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

How are sound waves blocked?

Acoustic foam is AA kind of foam designed to block sound

What kind of energy produce light and sound in fire cracker?

A firecracker uses chemical energy to produce the light and sound.

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