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The Daring Jumping Spider, which have the best vision of all Spiders.


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The Zebra spider, Salticus scenicus, is known as such because of its black and white striped body. It is a common jumping spider.

A black spider that has bright blue markings on it might be a Daring Jumping Spider. This spider is a silk spinner, but does not make a web. It is not harmful to humans.

What kind of spider has a round orange body and white and black striped legs

One type of spider that is black with green markings is the jumping spider, which is found in North America. They are half an inch in length and can jump very long distances.

Black Widdow Spider PS:I am A student in the 6th grade

spider man (earlier idiot answer) (my answer) its a Mexican red-knee turantula

black widow No this isn't a black widow...their red or orange markings are on the spiders belly since Black widows hang under their webs. The best guess is a jumping spider if the markings are visible when the spider is walking around. The Australian Redback Widow is the exception to the rule, it's markings as it's name implies on on the back.

it could possibly be a orb weaver or a saint andrews cross spider hope its one of these, neither are dangerous

I think the spider you are referring to is a kite spider. check out this website

A zebra spider is an example of a black-bodied, white-striped spider.Specifically, the arachnid in question carries the scientific name Salticus scenicus. The binomial name means "theatrical jumper." The spider will be found in Europe, Great Britain, and North America.

i dont know what spider has that kind of markings so tell me the freakin answer

Bannah Spider. Banana spiders are all black or all dark brown. They have described a garden orb weaver.

This is most likely a common garden spider. They typically are described as black and yellow, but the yellow markings can appear orange at times.

The beautiful (and harmless to humans) ARGIOPE (commonly called black and yellow garden spider, banana spider, corn spider). Orb weaver. Large. Docile.

The zebra spider is an arachnid whose body is black-and-white striped.Specifically, the zebra spider (Salticus scenicus) can be found in Europe and North America. It has alternating black and white stripes running horizontally across its body and legs. It also will be recognized by predation - as a jumping spider - by pouncing and by two of eight eyes being particularly prominent.

A zebra spider is a jumping spider that is black, furry, and white-striped.Specifically, the spider in question (Salticus scenius) belongs to the jumping (Salticidae family) part of the arachnid class within the animal kingdom. Females and males can be less than ¼ inch (6.35 millimeters) in length and width. They have no problems living in and near human-inhabited places and structures.

A black widow its a very poisonis spider , it can even cause DEATH!!!!!

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