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I think that it might be a garden orb weaver, which is not dangerous, or a marbled orb weaver (which is in the same family). But, most of the pictures of this spider do no show it to be bright red....?

2007-12-13 06:34:26
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Q: What kind of spider is red with light and black bands around its legs and the body is black and white with a red head?
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What kind of spider has a light yellow spiked shell with black dots?

The spider with a light yellow spiked shell and black dots is the star spider. The star spider is commonly found is the Southern parts of the United States and Central America.

What kind of spider is black hairy with some light brown on its back?

it is black light brown and hair............

What large spider is light tan flesh colored with a black spot on it's abdomen and black stripes on the legs?

Banana Spider

How do spider monkeys look like?

Spider monkeys have light brown fur (Goldy) and are black handed

What is a light brown spider sharp pointy legs dark brown bands around its joints no hour glass on bottom and the eggs their by are dark beige in a tear drop shape?

Wolf Spider (venom is not dangerous to humans) or Brown Recluse (very dangerous venom).

What spider has tan or light brown stripes on the legs and is black?

I'm almost certain you're referring to a wolf spider.

What kind of spider isSmall spider with dark brown bottom almost black and brown head ans light brown legs in your house?

Any spider found in my house is a dead spider.

You found a small black spider with a red line on its first half and its legs are stripped light and black and all of its legs are connected to its first half and the second what kind of spider is it?

you have found aRED BACK SPIDER! watch out. poisonous

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What kind of spider is this if it is light brown with black on it?

You haven't given enough information to definitively identify it.

What spider is tan or light brown with black on abdomen and balls in front of fangs found in house.?

I am pretty certain that it is a rare Australian blue cyanide spider

What spider is light tan with a spade on its abdomen?

I have seen this spider also, and have had no luck finding it on the web. Please post back here if you find any information. The spider I saw had a white box on its underside, with a black spade in it. I found this spider in Branson, Mo. Where was your spider?

Light brown spider dark bands around joints no hourglass has brown tear drop eggs sac what is it?

I think it's called either a Stunning Widow or Sunny Widow, I'm not sure which. They're the same shape, etc of a black widow but much smaller and they're not as reclusive as black widows. Poisonous, but not to the degree of blacks. Could be wrong, since you don't have a picture. Hope this helps!

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What kind of spider has a light brown abdomen and an orange body with one eye on its head and black mandibles like pincers. 3cm in length approx?

A Woodlouse Spider!

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What is a light brown or beige - ish spider with large white marks on it and is the bite harmful My grandson was bit..we gave him benadryl to me cautious .?

It is a type of black widow spider

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This spider had a long black butt and it was a light brown spider what kind of spider is it?

It is almost impossible to tell for certain what kind of spider a given specimen is simply by its appearance. In this case, you can rule out many species of spiders, but additional information such as size and web type would be key in its identification.

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