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Q: What kind of tank for a rolie polie pillbug?
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What kind of cage or tank does a goldfish require?

glass tank

What kind of tank should you get for a salamander?

A tank with holes big enough for it to escape..

What will happen if you put gas in a fuel tank?

It depends on what kind of fuel is supposed to be in the tank.

What kind of fish live on the fish tank?

None, no fish can live ON the fish tank.

Can oil damage gas tank?

it can damage your car. your gas tank is just a tank with gas, it's kind of hard to damage it.

How much does it cost to operate a fish tank?

Depending on what kind of tank start up is a but pricy

What kind of low maintenance fish tank is best for small apartment?

a small fish tank.

What kind of fish can you put in a 25 gallon tank?

You can put any kind of fish in the tank if they are not overcrowded and the fish all get along. A good rule of how many fish to put in a tank is one gallon per inch of fish.

What is the width of the tank in cm?

It depends on what kind of tank! The Challenger II tank, used by the British Army is 350 cm wide. My toilet tank is 38 cm wide.

What kind of tank is used in Tank Girl?

A heavily-modified M5A1 Stuart was featured in the movie Tank Girl .

Who invented the name tank for the military weapon?

The British. They were trying to disguise what they were, and said they were a new kind of water tank.

What kind of container do you keep a crab in?

fish tank

How do you know if your a tank?

If you are a container made of Glass and you are stuck together with some kind of water proof silicon then you probably are a tank.

Do they still use tank destroyers in the army?

The Army still uses armored cars and light tanks similar to tank destroyers, but not the same kind of tank destroyers as they did in WWII.

What kind of fish doesn't need an oxygen tank?


Will a crab survive in a tank?

yes but it maters what kind of crab you have

Did Leonardo da Vinci invent the tank?

Yes, kind of.

What kind of fish can live in a tank with goldfish?

A Loach can be with goldfish.

What kind of shirts does Selena Gomez wear?

tank tops

Do you need different kind of adapter for a Co2 tank?


What kind of fish can you keep in a tank?

It deppen on your tank size: 2.5g tank: 1 betta or 2 platy or 2 mollies

What is a resin water softner tank made of?

It is a fiberglass or metal tank filled with some kind of resin that collects the impurities in your water.

What metal would be the best for lining a tank used to store hydrochloric acid?

You will probably want a plastic tank of some kind. If you have to use metal, you might be able to line it with wax or some kind of plastic liner.

How can you tell what kind of freon is in a tank?

What we use is called a freon identifier and what it does is it takes a small amount of the freon that is in the tank and gives its identification and values.........

Can two algae be in the same tank?

Yes two Algae (a kind of primitive plant life) can be (develop) in the same tank. There is no reason why they should not.