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The European theater in World War 2 encompassed all terrain types from arctic to desert and all others except Jungle.

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Q: What kind of terrain were armies fighting during the European front of WW 2?
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Why were most African countries unable to resist European imperialism during the Scramble for Africa?

African military forces focused on fighting one another rather than European armies.

What armies fought against Germany during World War 2?

The three main armies fighting the Nazis were The Americans, The British and the Russians.

What was the fighting like in the 16th century?

During the 16th century, fighting advanced from medieval warfare to the use of firearms. Fighting could now be done from a distance with standing armies apposed hand to hand, one on one fighting styles.

Who was the commander of all the European forces?

When? During what war or time period? For example, during WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of all Allied armies in the European Theater of Operations.

In which European country did much of the fighting during World War I?

Most European countries were involved in World War 1. In Western Europe, most of the fighting took place in Belgium and France and in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Bulgaria saw a lot of fighting.

In which European country did much of the fighting during World War 1 take place?

Germany... I think??

Why was it difficult for the south to distribute food during the war?

Railroads were destroyed by the invading Union armies, and ports were blockaded, and most of the menfolk were fighting in the army.

What are the main factors that made the Burmese such a poor fighting force during the War in Burma?

The fact that the terrain was difficult and hazardous,they could not use heavy artillery.

During the Spanish Civil War the two opposing armies halted fighting for an hour to listen to an African American singer What was the singer's name?

Paul robeson

Who was America fighting during World War 2?

Nazi Germany in the European Theater of Operations, and Imperial Japan in the Pacific…

What were the British armies called during the Revolutionary War?

They had been called the "Professional Army" because of there well known experience in fighting combat, throughout the American Colonies.

What were the different fronts soldiers from the US were fighting on during World War 2?

American soldiers were fighting on the European front against Germany (this front often includes those fighting in Africa) and the Pacific front against Japan.

What were the roles of the axis during World War 2?

The Axis powers (Germany and Italy) were the European powers that were fighting everyone else.

What is the ostheer?

Ost - East Heer -Army So the word Ostheer stands for the German armies during WWII, which were fighting on the Eastern front.

What was the terrain like in the battle of lexington and concord?

The terrain during the Battle of Lexington and Concord was very rough. Soldiers had to maneuver through densely wooded and swampy terrain.

What did Joan of Arc fight with?

She had a sword but she didn't fight. She just led the armies and held the banner. She was a strategist who directed the French army during battle but not an active participant in the actual fighting.

Where was the most difficult European fighting for American forced during World War 2?

D-day, battle of the Bulge, and the battle of Berlin.

How do you use the word armies?

During the war, armies fought huge battles in which thousands of soldiers died.

What two armies battled during the Punic War?

The two armies are Alexander's army and Rome army.

Collision of largest armies ever?

Difficult to measure but the largest number of soldiers fighting each other at once was probably the Germans advance against the Russians during the World War 2.

Who was the commander of the northern armies during the last year of the civil war?

The Commander of the Northern armies during the last year of the Civil War was Karla Montas.

Which of the following describes an effect of nationalism on European colonies during the 19th century?

Colonies began fighting to overthrow colonial control over their governments

Which non-neutral European country was the only one free of Axis control during world war 2?

The only non-neutral European country that was completely free of Axis control during World War 2 was England. Russia was not defeated but did cede ground to German control during the fighting.

Did the north or south have more knowledge on the terrain during the civil war?

For the most part, the South was fighting on its own turf, giving it the home field advantage. However, during Sherman's March to the Sea, he had surveyed the territory as a young officer, and was familiar with its topography.

Did the British have cavalry during the Revolutionary War?

Yes, they did, but they were not used on a large scale such as charging en masse to capture an objective. Because of the wooded colonial terrain, infantry and artillery predominated, and cavalry was relagated to tasks such as reconaissance and guarding the flanks of armies.