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Dextron/Mercon III will work for that transmission

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Q: What kind of transmission fluid goes in a 1998 Mitsubishi Mirage DE with an automatic transmission?
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What kind of automatic transmission fluid should be used in a Mitsubishi Mirage DE?

diamond atf

What Automatic transmission fluid do you use in a 1992 Mitsubishi pajero?

You can use any SAE certified automatic transmission fluid in your 1992 Mitsubishi. You should never overfill your automatic transmission fluid.

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1994 Mitsubishi mirage with a manual transmission?

A manual transmision doesnt use transmision fluid

How do you change the automatic transmission filter in a Mitsubishi pajero io?

automatic transmission fluid in a pajero io

How much transmission fluid does a mirage take?

The amount of transmission fluid for a Mirage will depend on the size of the transmission. Most transmissions for this size automobile take 8 to 12 quarts of fluid. A manual transmission also takes a different type of fluid than an automatic.

What is sp111 transmission fluid?

It is Mitsubishi's transmission fluid.It is Mitsubishi's transmission fluid.

What type of power steering fluid do you use for Mitsubishi delica?

Atf. Automatic transmission fluid

What type of automatic transmission fluid does a Mitsubishi Forklift use?

Dextron 2

What kind of automatic transmission fluid do you use for a 2000 Mitsubishi galant with a 4 cylinder?

the automatic trans fluid in all Mitsubishi's with the exception of the Chrysler eclipse is diamond atf sp 3.

How do you check transmission fluid 2001 Mitsubishi mirage?

Turn car on then let it run and heat up then remove dipstick

What type of manual transmission fluid does a Mitsubishi eclipse 2001 take?

Buy BG Synchro Shift to use in your manual transmission; Mitsubishi highly recommends it to maintain smooth shifting. If Synchro Shift isn't available, any GL-4 transmission fluid of viscosity 75W90 is suitable. In the automatic transmission, use ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid.

Where does automatic transmission treatment go in a 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Remove the transmission dipstick and add the fluid in the dipstick channel.