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What kinds of clothing do Scottish people wear?



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I am scottish..and I wear what I like and what fits me. I would think if you are talking of fashion it would be very much European and American which is similar. I know having lived in the States for many years before coming back to the UK.

If it is local culture...then they would wear the clan tartan, and something like the dress shown on this website.

Like all countries, Scotland has its traditions and its culture. Which can easly be found on the internet, by putting Scotland traditional ???? in the search box.

By the way, I am Scottish but I detest the traditional Scottish breakfast of porridge, which goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover...all peoples will have their interpretation of what and who they are and will show it in the way they eat, dress, talk and think. So don't take anything as concrete...go looking for more answers...