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is there any odor..??/ a small leak in the heater core will allow glycol fumes into the cabin.....this would smell sweet.

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Can I get in trouble at work if a member of public complains about my driving?

I would guess that depends on where you work and the attitude of your supervisor. I don't see it as a big deal UNLESS you were driving a company vehicle. In that case you are essentially an example of the company.

Feeling unwell in busy places or when driving I also get a headache and feel strange in the head?

You feel unwell in the busy places or when you are driving because of the hustles and the loud hooting that is associated with such places.

Where is fuel gauge located on 1995 buick century?

you should not be driving

What causes 1998 Buick century to shut off while driving?

Out of gas

Your Nissan 300zx turns off while driving?

i just had that problem (crank angle sensor) under the distributor cap...just got one for about $180 but never stalled while driving again ...saves the headache get one!!!

How did the 19th century industrialists encourage competition how did they discourage it?

The 19th century industrialists encouraged competition by driving in industrialists. Industrialists were discouraged largely by the barriers to entry.

Why does a Buick Century jerk and stop at a traffic light after driving it for a long distance?

service the transmission

Which brands of car DVD players will let you watch DVDs while driving?

There are no brands of DVD's players that will allow you to watch DVD's while driving. Its is against the law to do this and you would have to get this installed illegally to do so.

In the late nineteenth century the real driving force behind colonization of Central Africa was?

Leopold of Belgium

How many miles per gallon does a 1995 buick century gets?

My 95 Century station wagon gets 22-25 mpg in city driving and up to 29mpg on the highway.

How many gallons per hour of fuel does a stock big block Chevy need?

Depends on which big block, what vehicle it is installed in, and the speed you are driving.

Dodge 1996 neon is overheating every 2 miles of driving every answer to all these questions have been done to the car for example its not the water pump or radiator or fans or therm so what now?

do you have the right thermostat installed if so is it installed the right way

What are traditional milestone birthdays?

Birthdays : 1 (first birthday), 10 (double figures), 13 (first teenage year, bar/bat mitzvah for Jewish teens), 18 (some laws incluing smoking *in certain states, drinking *in some countries, driving), 21 (driving, smoking, drinking depending on government and country), 25 (quarter century), 50 (half a century), 75 (three quarters of a century), 100 (a century, triple figures).

Why does the radio head unit just completely power off in the 03 Olds Alero when driving Is the Ipod Adapter installed incorrectly?

I have this same problem...any answer?

What two South American countries have left hand driving?

Suriname and Guyana are the only two countries on mainland South America with driving on the left. Guyana inherited the practice as a British colony. The Netherlands converted to driving on the right at the end of the 18th century. But the former Dutch colony of Suriname has kept the practice of driving on the left.

Is it illegal to install a surveillance camera system on the dash of your vehicle?

The legality of installing a surveillance camera in the dash of your vehicle depends on the state you will be driving in. Some states it is illegal to have it installed even if you don't reside in that state and you can be penalized for just driving through the state with it.

Why not to use a cell phone while driving?

previous answers are all wrong. In many countries its forbidden to use a cell phone while driving, you got to have a hands free kit installed in your car. like someone said, its distracting and lowering the response time,

Installed new struts on a Honda Civic Hybrid. why do they make a noise when driving?

The strut mounts take some time to settle in. Resulting in a squeak for some distance.

What is the purpose of ignition interlock devices?

An ignition interlock device is a device that is installed into a vehicle. It is a safety device used to prevent people from driving if their breath is noticeably concentrated in alcohol.

What were the specific motives driving American imperialism over the Philippines in the 19th century?

power protection economic issues religious beliefs militaryy

Is the new ct converter you had instaled backwards by a certified micanice if he cuts it re welds it on the right way is the cat now damaged amd what damages did it do to the truck engine by driving i?

Hard to say. How do you know it was installed backward? It could be the converter will work in either direction. If you look at converter and it has inlet and outlet stamped on the converter then it can only be installed in one direction and it very well may have been damaged. Considering the mechanic make the mistake I would demand a new converter be installed and not the one that he installed backwards.

Why would car stall when driving?

There are a number of reasons a car will stall while driving. Some may be, but are not limited to:Blocked fuel line or clogged fuel filter.Malfunctioning fuel pump.Wet distributor.Wet plug wires.Clogged air filter.Blocked air exchange.Blocked exhaust.Failing ingnition module (for cars that have them installed).Failing voltage regulator (for care that have them installed).Overheated.Cracked head.Cracked block.

What drove real estate in the early years of the twenty-first century?

Low interest rates during the first years of the twenty-first century allowed many Americans to become homeowners, driving the real estate market.

Which plantation crop was the driving force behind the slave trade that flourished between Africa and the West Indies beginning in the 16th century?

Sugar and tobacco

Why would a 1996 Buick Regal sometimes just die while driving down the road if you have already had the recently installed remote starter checked and that is not the problem?

try replacing the crank senser,.

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