What kinds of things were invented because of war?

Machine rolled cigarettes- my father said either WW 1 or 2 it was easier for troops to smoke rather than carry cumbersome tobacco and papers.


A quick and simple 'net search turned up the following items. (I just randomly selected a few links because my search turned up 5934 pages of links!)

The submarine, the snorkel, flamethrowers, rifle scopes, steel ships {also known as 'ironclads'}, and camouflage are a few Civil War inventions

Evidence shows that ambulances were used far earlier, but they had evolved and become more widely used during the CW.

There is an interesting article at www.civilwarhome.com/inventionsandgadgets

The Frisbee was invented during WWII, but not because of war.

"The 'medicopter' first came into service as a means of evacuating combat patients in Korea and Vietnam, and is now invaluable during natural disasters, when medical supplies required refrigeration and patients need to be airlifted to hospitals..." paraphrased from info found at www.rescuehouse.com.

The Atom Bomb was invented by the Americans in WW2 and used 2 of them to get Japan, the last Axis Power standing, to surrender, with the threat of a third A-Bomb which actually did not exist

And according to the book "The Unknown Civil War" by W. Garrison:

-Lighter-than-air craft was conceived by Thaddeus Sobieski Constantine Lowe early on during the CW. -And Clara Barton, a CW nurse who later founded the American Red Cross, was the first person to seek out MIAs and notify their families, establishing the "Office of Correspondence with the Friends of Missing Men of the United States Army," thereby technically making her the first woman to direct a government agency.

While this last tidbit wasn't actually about an invention, I believe it included several noteworthy 'firsts' and was worth mentioning.

NASA. Just think of all of the inventions we've gotten from our space program alone!

Im surprised no one mentioned planes or pretty much all aviation?? in WW2 Germany invented the jet, automatic weapons which include the M16, M14, AK47 and more. how about radar, there's loads to use.

Actually automatic weapons predated WW 2. They were a major weapon during the First World War. The Lewis (USA), Chauchat (France), Vickers (Britain) and Maxim and Spandau (Germany) machine guns are some examples, as was the Browning Automatic Rifle (USA). The Thompson Sub Machine Gun M-1928 (USA) also pre-dated WW2. The M14 (USA) was an evolution of the M1 Garand (USA) and Stoner's design for the M16 (USA) was quite revolutionary.

The WW2 weapons from Germany such as the MG 42 or StG 44 were revolutionary and did greatly impact weapons design. The MG42 influenced later weapons such as the M-60 (USA) and some argue the StG 44 inspired the AK 47(USSR) although Kalashnikov denied this.

Teflon was invented for the Manhattan Project atomic bomb production .


Leonardo da Vinci invented quite a few things that were related to war. See link below.

An important invention for the Allies was RADAR

The personal computer owes its origins to the computers built during World War Two to decipher the German Enigma code.

In ww1, one of the first aircrafts were used.

in ww2, sonar was invented.

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Teflon wasn't invented for the Manhattan Project, but they used it there. No one actually invented Teflon; it was found. A chemist named Roy Plunkett ordered a tank of tetrafluoroethane, thinking it would be a good new refrigerant. The company who sold it to his lab didn' t know enough about it and put it in a steel tank. The chemical reacted with the steel and turned into a solid. Plunkett cut the tank open, found a white solid in it and started playing with it.