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Arthropods belong to the insect kingdom, because they have 6 legs, and all of their other features are like any other insects features.

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Arthropods are members of the animal kingdom.

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Q: What kingdom are arthropods in?
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What kingdom are arthropods classified in?

Arthropods are classified in the animal kingdom (Animalia, or Metazoa).

What is the arthopods kingdom?

Arthropods are classified in kingdom Animalia, or Metazoa (the animals).

What kingdom does all the bugs belong to?


Which kingdom contains all of the arthropods?


What animal kingdom do butterfly's belong in?

Arthropods (lepidoptera)

Which group of animals in the animal kingdom do insects belong in?


Why are arthropods considered to be the engineers of the animal kingdom?

they take up 75% of it

Is a spider an inset?

yes of course!! it's an arthropods, a part of insecta kingdom

What kind of animal is a caterpiler?

A caterpillar is an insect which falls into the group of arthropods in the animal kingdom.

Arthropods make up approximately what percentage of all animals?

75%, and 40% beetles. (beetles are arthropods)

What kingsom do arthopods belong to?

Arthropods belong to the animal (Animalia) kingdom, also known as Metazoa.

How are the arthropods and vertebrates similar?

Arthropod is a phylum within the vertebrate kingdom. Arthropods have a backbone.