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Lake Tahoe is the answer


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Lake Tahoe is a lake on the California-Nevada border, to the west of Carson City, Nevada.

Lake Tahoe is on the state line between California and Nevada.

No. It is on the border of Nevada and California.

Lake Tahoe, which is shared by California and Nevada and Lake Mead, which is shared by Nevada and Arizona.

That is Lake Tahoe which borders California and Nevada. It is 191.588 sq. mi.

Lake Tahoe is on the border of Nevada and California.

Nevada is located in the mountainous region of the United States. The Mojave Desert spills across the California border into southern Nevada. Lake Mead, Lake Tahoe, and Pyramid Lake are the largest bodies of water in Nevada.

It is the name of a lake on the California-Nevada border near Reno.

Lake Tahoe on the border of California & Nevada is not man made. It is a natural crater lake.

Lake Tahoe is located on the border of Nevada and California. It is a freshwater lake and sits at the elevation of 6,225 feet and the depth at the deepest portion is 1,645 feet.

The typical range for cabin rentals in Lake Tahoe in California is from $120 to $325. Lake Tahoe is a large fresh water lake in Sierra Nevada of the United States. Beautiful lake Tahoe is located where Nevada and California meet.

Reno is a city in Nevada and a part of Lake Tahoe is in Nevada the rest of Lake Tahoe is in California. If you search on and make sure to click the images box and type "Map of the United States including Lake Tahoe".

Lake Sherwood, California and The Sierra Nevada

The Salton Sea is a saline lake and the largest lake in entirely in California with a surface area of (970 km2). Lake Tahoe is larger (496 km2) though it is divided by the California/Nevada border. Clear Lake (180 km2) is the largest freshwater lake by area entirely in California.

Lake Tahoe is located in western Nevada. It is very close to California which lies to its west.

Tahoe is a lake between California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the name is taken from a local Indian dialect

Lake Tahoe is an alpine lake located between California and Nevada. It is about 200 miles NE of San Francisco

1. Crater Lake, Oregon 2. Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California 3. Lake Chelan, Washington

If I am correct the answer should be lake Tahoe hope i helped.

Yes, there are lakes in deserts. A couple examples are the Great Salt Lake in Utah and Pyramid Lake in Nevada as well as the Salton Sea in California.

Yes; Lake Tahoe which also goes into part of California.

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is a Mountain range in California dividing the Central Valley and the Great Basin. There is a small portion of the range that's in Nevada. Most is located in California.

Nevada is east of California

Nevada is west of California.

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