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What language is kebab?


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kebab isn't a language. it's a dish typically eaten by Persian or afghani people.


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No, a kebab is not a sandwich.

Kebab is a food from the middle east

A Kebab is roasted mutton (sheep).A shish-kebab is pieces of meat roasted on a skewer

Chelo Kebab (Rice with Kebab)

The doner kebab comes from bursa turkey......

Kebab It is the same word as the English word.

An oriental type restaurant serving kebab (or shaworma).

The duration of Kebab Connection is 1.6 hours.

Teaneck Kebab House was created in 2002.

Kebab Connection was created on 2005-04-21.

Turkey. Kebab is Turkish for roast meat. Shish kebab is mutton rubbed with salt, pepper, spices...and then roasted on a skewer

Shami kebab (s) is the one originated from what is known now as Syria.

doner kebab originates from turkey. From the ottomen empire

Kebab is Turkish for roast meat. Usually made with mutton (lamb).

nope the only way to get them is from the kebab seller or from the grand exchange.

Kebab meat is made from, dogs. Mainly pug dogs, don't be afraid if you have a pug dog, we won't come and eat it, or maybe we will, kebab meat is also made from taranchula legs. but pug dogs are the main thing in kebab, hope this helps.

Be glorious proud serb, then remove kebab using any means possible.

The amount of calories that are in a chicken donor kebab will vary somewhat, depending upon the size of the kebab, sauce used and where it is sourced. The average chicken donor kebab contains about 750 calories but could contain more than 1,000.

a kebab is made of minced meat and tikka is usually chopped large chunks of meat. Kebab is grilled and fried sometimes but tikka is always stir fried

Patanga is an air dried Red Mullet roe... served with complimentary herbs, spices and veg ... in a kebab :)

Depending where you are it can be different places. In London there's a kebab shop on pretty much every busy street.

You can twist the skewer so the heat can cook all of the kebab, not just the bottom of it.

0.6 grams of sodium is in your average Donner kebab but there is alot more chilli sause in them

A chicken kebab with Pitta, 300g of chicken breast, salad and jalapeños has approx 795 Kcals in it.

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