What languages are spoken in Rome Italy?

Italian is the official language of Italy, so it is the main language of Rome, although some Latin is used in the Vatican City within Rome during Roman Catholic liturgy.

Rome is the capital of Italy, therefore the official language there is Italian (and Latin the official language of the Vatican City, which is inside of Rome).
The Ancient Romans spoke Latin.
Italian and English
Italian, in ancient Rome Latin was spoken.
In Rome, the capital of Italy, they speak Italian.
actually Rome was founded in the 700 B.C.'s so Italian wasn't a language Romans spoke all Latin.
Rome is the capital of Italy and most Romans speak Italian. The traditional language of Rome is Latin, but Latin is no longer used regularly as a spoken language.
Italian is by far the main language of Rome. There are also many people there who speak English, French, and other languages for the ease of international tourists. In Vatican City, the official language is Latin, which is used in most ceremonial settings by the Pope and other members of the Catholic Church.