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What laws did George Washington pass?

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Well he made people's lives better by being a president.....

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Who can veto local laws or pass laws for Washington D.C.?

Congress can veto local laws or pass laws for Washington D.C.

Did George Washington ever pass any laws or make any treatys while in office?


What are some laws George Washington enacted?

One of the laws that George Washington enacted is the Judiciary act of 1789. Another of the laws that George Washington enacted is the Naturalization Act of 1790.

Did George Washington sign any laws?

George Washington did sign laws. He signed a bill into law for the first naturalization law, to establish terms of citizenship.

How many laws did George Washington make?


Did George Washington agree with Britain's taxation?

No. Washington dispised Britains taxation laws

Who made laws in the colony of New Jersey?

George Washington

How many laws does George Bush pass in a year?

None. Laws are passed by Congress and approved or vetoed by the President.

What laws did king george and parliament pass after the Boston tea?

the intolerable act

What laws did George Washington make?

George Washington was the first elected president of the United States. He presided over the drafting of the Declaration of Independence which is still in place today. All of the laws written in this supreme law of the country were based on George Washington's wishes.

What kind of laws did George Washington make durinng his time president?

he made fair and egual laws to the colonists

What leadership traits does George Washington have?

he can manage calmy, make reasonable laws

What amendments did George Washington pass?

the bill of rights - the first ten amendments

How many cars pass the George Washington bridge a day?

Approximately 45,000 cars pass over the George Washington Bridge every day. The busiest days are Mondays and Fridays. The busiest times are 8 AM and 6 PM.

Where and when did George Washington pass away?

14 December 1799 at Mount Vernon, Virginia

In what year did Congress pass the first copyright laws?

The first copyright law in the US was signed by the Speaker and the President of the Senate on May 25, 1790. It was signed by George Washington on May 31, 1790.

What laws did George Washington have when the us constitution was drafted?

in 1787 washington advised the nation to remain neutral in the world affairs because

What did the George Washington Carver do for George Washington?

Nothing. George Washington Carver was born after George Washington had died.

What laws did George W Bush pass while in office?

I don't know ask him yourself!

How did George Washington enforce laws?

by keeping the people out of trouble and making sure things we safe

What george washington development showed the the new government's capacity to enforce its laws?

wiskey rebllion

What did the March on Washington encourage President Johnson to do?

it encouraged president Johnson to pass civil rights laws

Did George Washington Carver ever meet George Washington?

No- George Washington died long before George Washington Carver was born.

Is George Washington Carver related to George Washington?

No, George Washington Carver was not related to George Washington; he was merely named after George Washington, or possibly Booker T. Washington, who hired him at the age of 32 to teach agriculture.

Which academy did George Washington pick a site for?

George Washington University. George Washington University.