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What legendaries Pokemon you can recruit?


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u Can Recruit arceus,shaymin,dialga,palkia, and giratina

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i am not sure about if they are the leader but they can be a partner

You recruit them like normal pokemon: by defeating them. Some will join automatically, and some you might have to try.

Yes. If anyone else in your team defeats a Pokemon, they will not be recruited.

Try to recruit all the legendaries. After you done that, recruit all the Pokemon (sort of like completing a Pokedex). Then, get all of the Pokemon up to Level 100.

you try to recruit more guys,legendaries and someting will pop up eventually

You have to wait for them to challenge you or you go to locations like world abyss or mount avalanche.

i know that you can find darkrai in the mystifying forest b13f and some other places and latias at the spacial rift 14f and celebi in the mystifying forest but i want to recruit them all! like what legendaries in what dungeon on what floor? pls help me!

After that, the game is done. you then have the options to start a new game, collect all the legendary treasures, or recruit all the legendaries.

are you asking what is a recruit for Pokemon mystery dungeon? it's a Pokemon you can have on your team with you.

You go to the dojo and a mysterious cave appears which you can recruit legendaries on. Unfortunately, you need to unlock Manaphy first, and Island Paradise, to recruit the Legendaries on this dungeon, which are: Jirachi: lvl 45, floor B23F Suicune: lvl 47, floor B29F Moltres: lvl 47, floor B40F All of which are easy to recruit except for jirachi.

After Awhile of playing, It will allow you to recruit.

The legendaries in Pokemon diamond or pearl.

You could go and try to recruit most of the legendaries with a secret slab or mystery part but some are hard to recruit so use a golden mask that will improve your chances you can get these items by using wonder mailhope this helps

You have to defeat the legendaries that are mostly at the end of running away levels and they might join you're team it helps if you have a friend bow my friend has one but I don't yet he got an Articuno, Zapdos,Moltres and a Groudon by using a friend bow.

steal trainers pokemon No! This isn´t the answer! Anyone!! Is there an AR code for using legendaries in Battle Tower?

You can't stop legendaries on Pokemon sapphire Why would you want to stop legendaries anyway?

There there are 36 legendaries all through out the Pokemon regions but there are Arcanine,Gyarados,Milotic,Rotom,Unown,Dragonite,Tyranitar,Selemence,Metagross,Garchomp, Ninetails,Lucario,Togepi,Absol and Spiritomb which i consider legendaries so that makes it 51 if you believe they are legendaries and they will also make more legendaries in the future of Pokemon hope i helped also i have all the legendaries and wouldn't mind trading them to Pokemon trainers or collectors. Contact me at trippyranga@hotmail.com

No, you can't find all the legendaries in Diamond. There isn't a Pokemon game with all the legendaries in it. You can capture 8 legendaries in Diamond, f you want all the legendaries, you'll need to visit events, trade or migrate them.

No, you cannot breed Legendaries with the exception of Manaphy.

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