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What lengendary pokemon are there on diamond?

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The first legendary Pokémon you find is Dialga by interacting with it at Spear Pillar.

After that, you can catch the trio Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf. You can find Mesprit in about any tall grass of Sinnoh after meeting it at Lake Verity. (Use the Map Poketech App to see where it is located.)

Uxie can be found at Lake Acuity and Azelf is at Lake Valor.

Giratina is in Turnback Cave.

Cresselia is at Full Moon Island, but it will quickly flee and roam Sinnoh.

Heatran is at the innermost room at Stark Mountain.

Arceus can be found by using the Azure Flute at Spear Pillar. This item never came out as an event, so a cheating device will be required.

Darkrai can be interacted with at Newmoon Island after obtaining the Membership Card (It was an event item, but a cheating device will be required to obtain this item today.) and Shaymin is in Flowery Paradise after obtaining Oak's Letter by using a cheating device, for the item was an event and the event has expired.

Regigigas can be found in Snowpoint Temple after bring the Regi trio.

Here's a little bonus when it comes to once-only Pokemon.

Although, Rotom is not a legendary, it can still be found in the Old Chateau north of Eterna Forest. It will have the same theme as Darkrai, Regigigas, and Heatran. You must enter the top middle room with the TV and your time has to be 8 p.m or later.

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How do you get every lengendary Pokemon diamond?


Pokemon diamond After you free the lengendary Pokemon what mountain you go to?

you go to the spear pillar.

What is the easiest lengendary Pokemon on diamond?

it would probably be shaymin because he's low level

Does semi lengendary count as a lengendary in Pokemon?

yes sort of

How do you open the door to go to spear pillar in Pokemon diamond?

You will need to catch the three lake lengendary pokemon. (Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf).

Which came first Pokemon Diamond version or Pokemon pearl version?

Pokemon Diamond was released a tiny bit earlier as it is put first in bulbapedia lists and the creators needed time to change the lengendary from dialga to palkia.

Is salamence a lengendary Pokemon?


Is gorebyss a lengendary Pokemon?


Where are all the legendareys?

the lengendary birds are in caves ex. moltres is at mt. ember and the ground lengendary Pokemon pop out of the grass once in the game. it depends on what your starter Pokemon is to what lengendary ground Pokemon you'll get.

Is Ditto a lengendary Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?

no, but it is awsome!!!

How many ledgendary Pokemon are there?

There are 12 lengendary Pokemon

How do you get a lengendary in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

If you want to transfer a Pokemon to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you will need Nintendo Wi-Fi. You have to download the mission(s) and transfer to your DS Card.

Can lengendary pokemon evolve?

no they cant

How do you get lengendary dog Pokemon?

use a Action replay and go to Google and type in codejunkies and then there is the the three lengendary codes and other Pokemon ones

Can you have two of the same lengendary Pokemon on a Pokemon on one game?

Yes. You can. However, you must have traded it from another game. I have about three Rayquazas on my Pokemon Diamond because I have traded them there from all the Sapphire games I have restarted.

Can anyone list all the lengendary Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Diamond without going to a Nintendo event?

mesprit,uxie,azelf,dialga,rotom only in Pokemon diamond you get cresselia and darkrai from a Nintendo event dratini,dragonair,dragonite is not a legendary giratina you can only get it in platinum

All Pokemon lv 100 code works for lengendary Pokemon?


How do you get wallpapers for the PC in Pokemon?

you give up all of your lengendary Pokemon

How many lengendary Pokemon there are in diamond?

That question was answered many times, except the question was never asked. There are still millions of Pokemon left to be discovered, and you just have to find them. In other words, you will never know how many legendary Pokemon there are until you finish the entire game. (Which took me a few days to finish!) There are many lengendary Pokemon! There are a lot of other lengend Pokemon when you have the national pokedex!

Name some lengendary Pokemon on Firered you can get without a gameshark If sowhat are they?

the Pokemon are pigey, mew2 first of all there are more than that and second pigey is not lengendary

How do you get all lengendary Pokemon?

trade or migrate them daaa

The lengendary Pokemon in ruby only?

groudon and rayquaza

How can you get all the lengendary Pokemon in FireRed?

Cheat codes. :)

Can you breed landorus on Pokemon white?

no you cant because lengendary pokemon do not breed

How do you get three legendary birds Pokemon diamond?

You can only get the 3 lengendary birds in Platinum. The only way to get them in diamond is Migrate, Trade(With people or on the GTS) or Use a cheating device such as a Action Replay DS or a GameShark.