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If you completed high school and now entering college, you would start at the Freshman level (first year).

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Q: What level do you study at college if you have just left school?
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How do you pass college level calculus?

Just study. People do it all the time.

Did Drew Seeley ever go to college?

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Do you have to go to a specific college to get into Newcastle University and study family law?

No, you just need 3 a's at a level.

What qualifications would you need to become a GP?

You need 5gcses at a-c level to get you into college. Then a relevant qualification at college level to get you into uni/medical school. Then you just need to pass your medical exams!

Is a school of education better than a college of education?

It's not that one is better than the other, it could be that they are just at different levels. A school of education can be anything from preschool to elementary school, to high school, and can include college. Each school is at its own level.

What is Jennifer Hudson's major in college?

I don't believe Jennifer went to College, it just states her highest level of education as her High School Diploma.

What should you study in high school if you want to become an attorney?

What you study in High School has little affect on becoming an attorney. The key is to get good grades in all your subjects, so that you can get into a good college, where you can major in just about anything, and get good grades there, so that you get accepted to a good law school. Then you get to study the law!

What do athletes have to study in college?

I'm sure they can study whatever they want. They just have something extra to worry about in school besides their education. They focus on their specific sport and go to school to get a degree in a field they can fall back on after their glory years.

Why you are an asset to college?

When you are applying to college, you may be asked to explain why you are an asset to the school. They are looking for your level of understanding related to the school's admission policies. They want to see how well you understand that it isn't just about you getting into the school, but about the school choosing to accept only the finest students.

Why do fish study?

Fish do not study, they just school.

Can you teach at the college level with a MAT degree in science?

Not usually. Usually a master's is required just to teach at the high school level. There are some exceptions to this rule.... but not many. College science professors usually always have a Ph.D. This can be different for other fields like business, where a Ph.D is not always necessary to teach at the college level.

Should a sophomore in high school who is very good at playing piano go to a College of music?

Sure, if you want to work at music seriously. But you need to decide what your goals are. There are all sorts of places to study music after high school. College is just one of them. Talk to your guidance counselor or the music teacher in school.

What comes after high school?

You can choose college or you can just end school after high school. But i would recommend college all the way.

What courses do you need to take in high school to become a orthopedic surgeon?

What you choose to take in high school really does not matter. Just do well enough to get into a good (yet inexpensive) college. On the road to becoming an ortho surgeon, you want to stay out of debt as much as possible, especially at the college level. Go into debt, if you must, at the medical school level. I am an orthopedic surgeon.

What is the difference between sociology and sociology of education?

The structure of A-level sociology is taken from the AQAโ€™s description and they either feature the parts of a textbook or a revision note. Hence, you can learn the importance of A level sociology of education revision and make sure that you study the structure well. To Know More :- revisesociology dot com

Where did pharrell go to college?

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Can you teach college with just a masters degree?

Yes at the community college level.

When you go to a tech school can your credits be transfered when you transfer or is that just allowed at community colleges?

Transfer credits typically must be at the college level and taken at an accredited institution to be transferred to another accredited college or university.

What if you graduated college with a BA and want to get an Masters of Science?

Because you have an arts degree does not mean you cannot pursue a science degree at the graduate level. Just choose your master's program of study and do it. If the master's program requires any prerequisites , you can take the prerequisites and move on. Not all programs of study at the graduate level require prerequisites other than a bachelor's degree. I just depends on the major.

What is lexile?

its a measure of reading level based on vocabulary and sentence structure comprenhension, vs a grade level measure. For example i am in eighth grade and have a lexile of 1499, which is approx junior/senior in college or grad school. if that was based on grade level i would just post high school, so this is much more helpful

What college did Janet Jackson go to?

Janet graduated from Valley Professional High School, a school for kids involved in the entertainment industry and had plans on gong to college. Janet said in the October/November 2006 issue of Giant magazine "I never really wanted to sing. I wanted to go to college and study business law and just be an actress and support my way through school doing that. But my father always said you can make more money as a singer." and the rest is history

Did John Lennon graduate fron high school or college?

No. He failed his O-level exams at Quarry Bank High School by just a few points, mostly because he wasn't interested in school. His headmaster wrote him a recommendation to Liverpool College of Art just the same, but Lennon lost interest again after a few weeks. He continued to attend for two years, but was dismissed for poor attendance and poor grades.

Can I study for a bachelor's degree if I only have a high school diploma?

Yes you can. You will just have to research colleges and universities that offer the program you want. The community college is a great place to start your college education if you do not meet the four year institutions entrance requirements.

Do colleges offer free tutoring opportunities?

While every college and university is different, just about every school in the country offers some sort of free tutoring for students. Go to your school's website and search for "tutoring" or "study skills."

Which method of data collection would you use to collect data for a study of the salaries of college professors at a particular college?

There are a number of ways, but I would just use an observational study.