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What local place can you work at if you are only 15?


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2006-06-22 23:41:10
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most fast food places and some grocery stores!

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Some places, you have to be 15 1/2 or 16 but not 15. the only place that hires at 15 is Orange Julius and only for holiday help!

~Stitches ~Claires Alot of places in the mall!

---- no you can only start work at 15-16 ---- no you can only start work at 15-16 ---- no you can only start work at 15-16

I think yes you can work but you must have to follow the local rules.

Usually 15 but my local publix says 16.

ShopRite, Supermarket Bagger (Bags), ShopRite, Bagger Supermarkets Local.

there is not much volunteer work you can do when you are 15, it all starts when your are 16. Then you can help at the RSPCA!:)

Most often a Footlocker will not hire 15 year olds. However, some states do allow 15 years old to work with a workers permit. It is best to find out the work laws in a particular state by contacting the local school and the local Footlocker.

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You can start working at age 12, but only working certain things. At age 15 you can get a job at a place like McDonalds or such, age 16, you can work most places

My friend applied to work at a deli when she was 15, and they hired her. You should probably just got to the place and ask, some places only hire at 16 though, because of child labor laws. not exactly with the child labor law you can only wprk after school and for no more than 5 hours you can only work til 9 curfew at 10 p.m. you can also work at six flags and seaworld If there's McDonald's there, she can work there.

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Yes, a 15-year-old can work at KFC if they get a ceritifed Workers Permit from their local courthouse, enrolled high school guidance office, or the guidance counselor.

No were i have searched all over and there is no place.But when your sixteen you could work at the zoo.

You can work at your local publix, or try hot topic, because i am 15 and also looking for a job.

Yes you can, but you can only work 20 hours a week.

15 1/2 to 16. It depends. Check with your local Bob Evans.

A 15 year old can work for companies like Wendy's, Chik Fil A, and local grocery stores. They can also work at family restaurants, babysit, work at summer camps or mow lawns.

yes get it jail broken aswell only £15 at a a local phone shop

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No only 16 year olds and up and you can only be a bagger

well you can work at a fast food place and a janitor at schools but only some grocery stores!

It depends on local legislation. Certainly there are people younger than 15 working in bars in some countries of the world.

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