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What machines were used before the computer?

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What machines are often used in schools for information and communication technologies?

A computer

What was used before email was invented?

Fax machines.

What is a fax machine used for on the computer?

It's used to send documents to other fax machines.

What was used before washing machines?

clothesline and fresh air

What are the limitations of computer machines?

The limitations of computer machines vary from the quality and the memory space you have on the computer machine we are discussing.

Why is a computer network useful?

A computer network can be used to share information / knowledge across different machines. Two or more computer networks can be used for useful communication (for eg: Airplanes)

What did mathematical machines use to hold data before the Atanasoff-Berry Computer?

mechanical switches

What is full from of computer?


What does Dacom stand for?

Data collection computer software used in conjunction with gaming machines

What did people use before machines were invented?

They used only themselves.

How did people sew before sewing machines?

they used neddle and a thread

What uses pendulums?

Primarily they are for time keeping, mechanical clocks and watches all use a type of pendulum.Also:The machines that measure earthquakes used to before sensitive computer boards

How computers are used in computer enginering?

They can control robotic arms but also maintain full machines.

How the computer is used in hospital in different areas?

The many patient monitoring machines used in hospitals are all run by computers.

Does natural gas have to be changed or processed before it can be used by people or machines?


What are the differences between computer aided design system and computer aided manufacturing system and robotics?

a computer aided design (CAD) system is used to design and model components/objects. Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software is used to talk to the special machines which physically build things like computer numeric controlled (CNC) lathes, milling machines, 3d printers, etc

Is computer be called a machine?

Yes it is. There are companies selling computer with machines in their names : IBM stands for Internet Bastards Machines

How were mainframe computer tasks accomplished before its invention?

By rooms full of human computers or with punchcard unit record machines.

Real time applications of 8085 microprocessor?

it is used in computer hardware and software and also in washing machines......

What machines do you use to make cell phones?

Plastic molding machines; soldering machines; computer machines; humans; assembly machines; cooling machines; heating machines; electric machines; labeling machines; laser machines; conveyor machines.... etc.

What is the difference between nc machining and cnc machining?

CNC machines in all stages of the work is done by computer. In NC machines, punch card or tape is used.

Where in hospitals are computers used?

It depends on what type of computer your talking about if its the normal desktop PC it is used in reception and processing output from machines like a mri they are also used in life support machines hearth rate monitors etc

What are the advantages of machines in human life?

Machines are made or designed to help men do jobs easier. even before they used simple machines to help them do heavy work such as pulleys and lever.

Is self-actualized computer a computer?

Self-Actualizing Computer / Machines are developed by Human Beings to Perform some tasks intelligently but still are machines and According to anew computer Definition, yes, It is a Computer

Are there simple machines in an iPod?

A Computer.