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Langston Hughes wanted to write peotry because he felt that he need to spread to the world how he felt about things, especialy the issue of slavery and black people.

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Q: What made Langston hughes want to write poetry?
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What is Langston Hughes contributions?

Langston Hughes made African Americans believe

How is Langston Hughes a hero?

he is a hero becuse now black people work can be seen and langston hughes made that possible

What are the book names Langston Hughes made?

what are the books he written

In the 1920s both Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington made major contributions to?

In the 1920s both Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington made major contributions to the Harlem Renaissance

Langston hughes and Duke Ellington made contributions to?

The Harlem Renaissance

What did James Langston Hughes do for America?

he made black people proud of who they were.

When was the poem Harlem made?

the poem Harlem was made by Langston Hughes, maybe that will help

What made Langston Hughes famous?

Langston Hughes was a famous American writer. His fame mainly came from the fact that he was the first documented black writer that could support himself with his literary work.

What writer inspired Langston Hughes?

It was a woman named Alice walker who had inspired Langston Hughes to become a writer.Most people say it was his father or his family, but it was mostly Alice walker who had made him become a writer if this is wrong well my bad that the answer is wrong.:) :p

Who was Langston Hughes and why is he famous?

A famous poet in 1920 that made poems like "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"-Anthony Thomas Pergola

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