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What major event happened when gearge Washington was the president?

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Black people got to serve in the war. The proclamation was signed to avoid conflict. women still didn't get rights and had to be slaves for men practictly.

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What important event happened in the years George Washington was president?

There where many things that happened when George Washington was president. That was mostly when everything happened He was president for about 16 years.

What event happened at Washington monument?

the i have a dream speech

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ate girls cherries .got bad teeth, needed them in wood in his mouth afterwords

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What Revolutionary War event happened on Christmas Day?

Washington crossed the Delaware

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Republican Richard Nixon was elected president.

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The Holocaust

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9/11 round 2

What major event happened in the 1930's while president hoover was president?

the great depression.

What is a event that happened in Washington between 1774-1889?

The American Civil War

One major event that happened when Abraham Lincoln was president?

the civil war

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Event noteworthy that happened 12th of September was President George W. Bush declaring war on terrorism.

Can a vice president become president?

Yes. In the event the president can not perform his duties the vice president becomes the President. This event has actually happened nine times so far, eight times because of the death of the President and once because the President resigned his office.

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In 2010 Barak Obama (Barry) was elected president.

What important event happened while James Madison was US President?

the war of 1812