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You need Hubba Bubba Chunks, Put 5 hubba bubba chunks in your mouth then put a teaspoon of peanut butter.Chew for 5 minutes then, blow a bubble! That bubble will be the biggest!

It blows huge thanks I got an F on my sceince fair project.

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Q: What makes a bubble gum bubble blow big?
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What makes bubble gum blow big bubbles?

the air when you are blowing

Why does gum blow bubbles and what makes the bubbles so big?

Many people chew bubble gum because they like to blow bubbles with it. The bubbles can be formed because the gum is very elastic and is able to stretch. The elasticity of the gum is what determines how big the bubble can get.

What ingredients in bubble gum makes the bubble?

your breath when you blow it out :)

How do you pop a bubble gum bubble?

blow it too big and then it pops

What is the best bubble gum to blow bubbles?

I can blow big bubbles with Bubbaloo or 5 Gum or with Trident

Which brand of bubble gum has the biggest bubble?

bazooka bubble gum is one of the popular gums and this is also one of the gums that allowsyou to blow a big bubble.

Why do bubble gum blow bubbles?

Bubble gum blow bubbles ecause they are elastic.

Do all bands of gum make the same size bubble?

No, all brands of gum do not make the same size bubble. Some brands of gum are chewing gum, such as Orbit, Juicy Fruit, and Wrigley. They still blow bubbles, just not nearly as big, and you have to be chewing multiple pieces to blow a bubble. Other brands of gum are bubble gum, and they are specifically made to blow bubbles. Some of these brands are Double Bubble, Bubble Yum, and Bubblicious. Most of these blow the same size bubble, but I'd say the biggest bubble is Bubblicious, because their pieces of gum are so big, and they are soft. Usually, the softer and bigger the piece of gum, the bigger the bubble

What type of bubble gum was used to blow the biggest bubble?

The gum used to blow the biggest bubble is supposedly Bubble Yum. !

How did bubble gum get its name?

Bubble gum is called Bubble gum because you can blow bubbles with it.

Does a blow pop have bubble gum in it?

Yes, it has bubble gum in it.

What makes bubble gum makes big bubbles?

you chew it

Do all brands of bubblegum blow the same size bubble?

No it depends because if you get the gum from the party packs it can't really make a big bubble and the gum from gumball machines cant blow big bubbles either. But the 5gum can blow a big bubble so it depends on the brand and quality. So NO!

Why is bubble gum called bubble gum?

because you can blow bubbles with it

How do you blow a bubble gum bubble?

Chew some bubble gum then exhale, perhaps?

How can you blow the gum in a big bubble in poptropica?

First you have to buy either the blue or pink bubble gum and press spacebar to blow the bubbles, you cant really make them big... srry PEACE LOVE CANDIE C007

How do you blow a bubble out of bubblegum?

first get a pack of bubble gum chew it then put thegum around your tongue then blow.

How Does Bubble Gum Create A Bubble?

When the blow on the gum, air builds up and comes out as a bubble.

How do you blow a big bubble with bubble gum?

chew it for 10-15 min and stretch it with your fingers

What is difference in bubble gum and chewing gum?

With bubble gum, you can blow bubbles, while with chewing gum, you can't.

Where and how do you get detention in poptropica on big nate?

If I remember correctly, you blow bubble gum in the school.

How do you blow the bubble gum in big nate on poptropica?

You go to your bag and press "use."

How do you blow bubble gum?

well you have to chew your gum a few times and then stick your tongue in the gum and blow and you will see changes, keep on trying and you will blow a bigger gumball, the more gum the bigger the bubble

Can you blow a bubble gum underwater?

the answer is no

How do you blow a huge bubble with gum?

get 2 peices of bubble gum then flat it out like a sheet on your toughne then pretend the gum is a costume and put it on your tunghe then blow