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Q: What makes frogs come into your house?
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What makes frogs come into a house?

Food (Insects.)

Where do frogs come from?

Frogs come from eggs.

Where do frogs come from after a rain?

frogs come from underground after it rains.

Get rid of frogs from under your house?

To get rid of the frogs under the house it is important to have the compound professionally drained to get rid of the frogs. It is however important to note that frogs eat insects such as mosquitoes in the garden.

What colors are frogs?

frogs can come in various colours :)

What if a boy makes you come to his house?

Bend over

Do frogs eat house ants?

Yes, but only smaller frogs.

How do frogs get into a house?

Frogs can get into a house in a few ways. The most common ways they get into the house is door and windows left open and pets or children bringing them in.

Do tadpoles come from fish?

No, tadpoles come from frogs then when the tadpoles grow up they become frogs not fish!

Who makes Frogs golf shoes?

Frogs golf shoes are made by Florsheim

Where do green frogs come from?

Costa Rica had green tree frogs

Are frogs always green?

No. Frogs come in a variety of different colors.

How do you get frogs out of your house?

Either attract flies or get your house sprayed

How does frogs sound make?

there is this tube that runs through their body and the tube goes from the mouth literally al the way down to the butt of the frog. and when frogs squeeze and release their butt cheeks it makes a vibrating motion that goes up the frogs tube called the (andilos) and forces a monotone sound to come out of the frog. that's where the "ribits" come from in a frog.

How do you used dusk in a sentence?

My Mom makes me come in the house at dusk.

Does cheese come from frogs?

No. Cheese does not come from frogs.Cheese can be made from milk from different species of mammals.

Do frogs have bellybuttons?

No, they come from eggs.

Were did frog legs come from?


Do frogs come back for their babies?


How did frogs come to NZ?


Can water frogs come out of the water?

yes; frogs are amphibians, and when they are in their adult form they can travel on land.

How do frogs make noise?

well, frogs burp, and it makes a vibration, so loud, causing it to make a sound.

What is the function of the eggs from the frog?

produced from the ovaries and firtleized to make baby frogs. (makes baby frogs)

How Santa Claus come to your home?

he magically makes a fire place and comes in your house!

When did the Italy migrants come to Italy?