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* Maybe there wasn't real love in the first place, as in you liked the other person for their outward achievements. For instance, richness, appearance, status. So when such characteristics disappear, you get disillusioned because they were what you fell in love with in the first place, and upon disappearance, you realise that person isn't what you want afetrall. *Lack of communication, leads to apathy and resentment. Maybe both parties do not know how to communicate properly with each other. Thus, they become strangers, who soon find other interests and people whom they can talk with. *You both have learnt what you need to learn from each other. With lessons learnt, you grow apart, so that you can find other people who will teach you other lessons. (But ultimately, my true answer is - true love never dies, at least I hope it won't)

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Q: What makes people grow apart?
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