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What makes people laugh?

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It isn't always that hard to get people to laugh. Try these suggestions:

Pull silly faces, tickle them, Imitate well known things, e.g. Cinderella, babies, animals. Do an impression of well known people. Do a scene from a well known play and add a modern character in it. You could also pretend not to know a very obvious thing. Throw a small counter at the audience and make sure it hits someone. Then pretend to act so sorry as if you are going to fall apart. To make something really funny, you could put a hero from one film and a villan from another together and act out what they might say to each other.

If you just want to stick to the classics, pull silly faces, do weird ways of walking and, if you're a natural, do some ultra mocking impressions.

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What makes a good joke?

A good joke makes people laugh. It makes people laugh a hearty laugh, not a forced one and it is not racially, religiously or sexually offensive. A good joke makes people laugh, without being rude or offensive. But simply making a funny comment.

Do all people laugh when they are stoned?

Nope but I get the giggles really bad, which makes people laugh at me and in turn makes it worse for me ahah

Why do people always want to laugh?

People want to laugh because it fells good and makes us happy

Why do people laugh when they get tickle even if they dont like it?

People laugh when they get tickled even if they dont like is because, there is a nerve inside of you that pretty much makes you laugh. Most of the time i dont like to be tickled either,but that nerve inside of me makes me laugh!! I know for a fact that you people out there laugh to. So dont say you dont laugh when you are being tickled

What does comedy mean?

person who makes people laugh

What is a person who makes people laugh on shows?


What is a person that makes people laugh on television?

a comedian

Does a sarcastic attitude drive people away?

No, it makes everyone love you and it makes other people laugh...(:))

How do you know if something is funny?

You laugh or other people laugh. Or it makes u feel good inside =]

Why doesn't laughing gas make people laugh?

it depends on the person because i know it makes me laugh!

Do feathers really make people laugh?

for the unusual , yes. theres a kid in my school.. it makes him laugh

Why are you called bob?

coz it makes other people laugh

What is a personality trait about you that makes people laugh?

sense of humor

Which is correct Politics make you laugh Politics makes you laugh?

a gland in your throught makes you laugh

Why do people laugh when they get stoned?

Because there is a laugh meter in your brain and when you get stoned it makes it go up like heck.

How do you define the word joker?

A joker is either someone who enjoys making people laugh, someone who makes people laugh as a job, or someone out of batman.

What is jokes?

A funny statement or question that usually makes people laugh.

Does the voicebox vibrate and that's what makes people laugh?

i believe so

What is the name of a person who makes people laugh at his antics in a circus?

A Clown

What is a funny school captain speech?

One that makes people laugh

Are plants funny?

yes they are because when you look at them they can make you laugh like the squirting water flower makes people laugh.

A person who makes us laugh?

A person who makes us laugh is a comedian.

Which makes you laugh?

other peoples laugh

How is Fred from YouTube so awesome?

Fred is funny, and with his squeaky voice, he makes people laugh, and that's what makes people like him!

How do you let people laugh without getting your adrenaline running and feeling goofy?

do something that makes your brother,sister,or your parents laugh at