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What makes people mean?

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April 28, 2007 11:14PM

Many things can make people mean. The environment they were

brought up in; being treated poorly at a job; feeling they work

hard and haven't reached their goals; perhaps they never had the

chance to go to university and make something of themselves (as far

as their standards to wanting to be wealthier than they are and

they aren't achieving it. Feeling left out of of society in

general. The human mind can be a wonderful thing, but it also can

cause paranoia and other dysfunctions. I also believe that genes

can play a part in the personality of a mean person. Unfortunately,

some people are rotten from birth. Others acquire it as they grow

older either from poor upbringing and sour attitude towards the

world. I guess some people that have no patience also can be very

mean, they cant tolerate other personalities.

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