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What makes the alternator sensor fuse blow?


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2007-08-13 23:44:24
2007-08-13 23:44:24

it can be caused by a bad alternator


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Im not sure if your talking Alternator output wire fuseable link or regulator exciter wire, i would assume your talking the exciter wire, it may have a short and is grounding out on the engine or frame somewhere

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Look under the dash and it's the fuse #15. The fuse will be a 7.5amp.

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A short to ground. Check wiring/sensor for damage.

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Answermy 99 acura integra has a fuse for gauge cluster, alternator, speed sensor vss o2 sensor is fuse 15 under the dashboard that fuse control all of them check that out

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There isn't a "fuse" per say, but there is a fusible link. Which is a peice of wire of that a wired fuse in the middle. I have never seen one of these blow, but, anything can happen. More likely thou, your alternator died.

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