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probably water intrusion in your switch assy.

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Q: What makes the moonroof on your 2001 Subaru Forester suddenly open?
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What is Subaru's slogan?

"What makes a Subaru a Subaru!"

Does Toyota make Subaru?

No. Subaru makes Subaru. The two companies did do a joint project. Toyota makes Lexus and scion.

How do you change an air conditioning belt on a Subaru Forester?

Unlike serpentine belts where a spring tensioner makes the job difficult, Subaru uses v-belts and a long threaded rod to tension the belt. You have to remove the two pulley shrouds at the top to gain access to the belts and tensioners.

Who makes the car impretza?


What country makes the Subaru?


What country makes Subaru Vehicles?

Subaru is based in Japan, but they have headquarters in

What makes rocks at the top of cliff suddenly fall?

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What are the different models that Subaru makes?

Subaru makes many different models of cars. There is the Subaru Outback, Impreza, Legacy and Forrester. It all depends on whether or not you are looking for a car or an SUV. There are many to choose from.

What is the name of the SUV that Subaru makes?

The name of the SUV Subaru makes is the Subaru Tribeca. It's Subaru's first midsized SUV, and also the newest addition to the segment. It's a great luxury vehicle.

Which car company makes the impreza?


What car company makes subaru's?


Where is the automatic transmission control system in a 98 Subaru Forester?

Where is the sensor of the transmission control located Answering the first question since the second makes no sense. The car's Electronic Control Module is located under the carpeting on the front seat passenger's floor.

Analyzing the Subaru Forester?

One of the emerging trends in the auto world has been the rise of midsize sport utility vehicles. People just want the usefulness of an SUV without all the bulk. This is what the Subaru Forester is all about, and for the last decade it has been providing that to customers. So what do we know about the 2010 Subaru Forester? For one, the vehicle still features an inventive all-wheel drive system that has made it so very popular over the years. Likewise, it features many driver-friendly options and continues to evolve with the times. Why the Subaru Forester? This is a great vehicle for those who are looking for the best of all worlds. Though it drives like a station wagon, it has the rugged look and toughness of an SUV. People who are worried about appearance can take advantage of its design without having to sacrifice handling quality. When compared to other SUVs in the market, the Subaru Forester handles better than most. This is due to its car-like drive train, an added bonus for consumers who value that sort of thing. Though it is not the toughest SUV on the market, it’s a nice crossover option that competes well in its own market. What does the new Subaru Forester bring? Like with most vehicle makes, the Forester has seen some changes over the year. Subaru has listened to what customers are saying and it has responded well to customer desires. Now, the vehicle features a much more updated interior. Some of the smaller SUVs on the market are making this move to stand out, and Subaru has matched them. Likewise, the new models are less condensed, and resemble the old station wagon less each year. This means, in addition to a more rugged look, that the new Forester has more room for families or for storing items on a long trip. Charging up the power A popular trend among automakers is providing customers with choices. Do you want a super charged engine or something more modest? Subaru lets you choose, as its basic engine provides a modest 175 horsepower, while the XT version hits 224 HP. Likewise, there are options for interior luxury. Those who want to take advantage of the most and best available features will want to try out the limited and premium editions. These make the Forester a viable and competitive luxury option.

What other car makes fit Subaru wheels?

will my Mitsubishi evo wheel s fit on a Subaru impreza

Where can you find the headlight wiring diagram for a 2002 Subaru Forester that I don't have to pay for?

Hmmm, I have gone on a similar search for other vehicle's wiring diagrams and usually end up buying a Haynes manual for around $20 at the auto parts store or a CD version on eBay for a little less. If you plan on keeping your Forester and work on it yourself, buying a manual rather than just a wiring diagram just makes sense. Alternatively, you could ask your local Subaru dealer to photocopy the page(s) that you need from their manual. --Ken

Who makes husky portable generators?

Husky is made by Subaru.

What car company makes subarus?

Subaru is the car company...

What is horsepower rating on 2.2 2.5 Subaru?

The 2.2L engine has 135 horsepower . The 2.5L Subaru engine makes 165-175hp

Does the Subaru company know their ad is wrong it's supposed to be worded the following way it's what makes a Subaru a Subaru no comma do they know?

Maybe they do, but those concerns were probably overridden by worries about difficulty reading the phrase. For example, some people would have to read the following sentence twice to get it: "Being funny is what makes Dave Dave." But if I put a comma, they might get it, but it would incorrectly say something else. The sentence "Being funny is what makes Dave, Dave." would mean that being funny makes Dave, and I'm also talking to someone named Dave. (So in that sense, the ad is telling the reader that s/he is "a Subaru"!) Probably, the best way for the Subaru tagline to be rephrased would be to use an ellipsis: "It's what makes a Subaru... a Subaru."


That would be Fugi heavy industries CO (fhi)

How can you describe the look and performance of a Subaru Forester?

A classy yet boxy look, reminiscent of a miniature Volvo wagon. Performance is strong for a four cylinder engine. Handling is "trucky" but AWD makes it grip and turn strong. This is not as quiet and cushy as a sedan but it does 4 wheel off road very well.

Who makes the WRX?

Subaru, the automotive branch of Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan.

Who makes the Single Disc Factory Radio on the 2006 Subaru Impreza?

Clarion. Check this out:

WHAT MAKES A 1992 subaru sVx keep stalling?

Mass air flow sensor

What country makes Subaru cars?

Japan. Parent company is Fuji Heavy Industries.