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Several things: Genes, Eating too much, Brazilian implants, and padded underware.

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Q: What makes your butt big?
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Can cheese make your butt big?

Cheese is a type of fat food from animals, and makes your butt big because all the fat in the cheese stores in your butt, not your stomach.

What can you do to make your butt big?

you can eat lots of rice and beans- starch always makes your butt bigger.

What is the proper response to that age-old question of 'Do these pants make my butt look big'?

A certain comedian had the unmitigated GALL to answer this question by saying, "No, honey, those pants don't make your butt look big, your BIG BUTT makes your butt look big". NOT very nice...

how big is your butt?


Does bread make your butt big?

It only makes your butt big. it is very high in carbohydrates so it will make a "large butt" if not working out or being active enough to work those "stored" carbs off... best of luck to you ... ....and your butt... !!!

How big is my butt?

as big as ur face

How do you make your hips an butt bigger?

Well, if your thighs are big from the front and back it looks like your thighs is part of your butt, and that's how it makes it look bigger. I don't know of this makes sense. But, I tried?

How do you say butt in Ilocano?

Your butt is big

Why is a baboons butt so big and red?

It makes it more comfortable for them to sit and move about. Question by a person.

When is a butt too big?

if your butt starts to hit and touch things it to BIG!

Does hot coca give you a big butt?

no why would it give you a big butt

What does it mean if a guys says you have a big butt?

It means he considers your butt big.

Do rihanna has a big butt?

Yes she has a big butt. She so sexy and hot..

How big is a butt supposed to be?

about 15cm with a circumference of 7.3 mm

How do you make butt big?

A butt implant!

Is myy butt big?

Look at your butt.

How can a teen girl get a bigger butt?

You can't really get a big butt without surgery or gaining a lot of weight. But they make padded underwear that makes your butt seem bigger in a good way. Try that first.

What makes a butt a butt?

Location, Appearance and Function.

How big is a moose butt?


How big is the average butt?

hmm hard question well Nick Olsen has a big butt soo idk what his butt size is

How do you know if your butt is too big?

climb through a window. If you get stuck, your butt is too big.

List of pills for growing big butt?

No pill will help you grow a big butt specifically.

Does kourtney Kardashian have a big butt?

kourtney has a very big butt it's almost as big as kims but it has a femur shape to it.

How big can a girls butt get?

The more fatty food a girl eats will lead her to have a big butt as well as a big stomach.

What are the advantages to having a big butt?

It makes you a stronger rebounder in basketball, a coveted member of a tug of war team, and the personna of a song about "lovin big butts."