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What medicine can kill harmful bacteria?

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That would be antibiotics. Antibiotics work with your immune system, reving it up, so it can kill batcerias in case of, per example, bronchitis or a strep in your throat. Topical antibiotics will also work on skin for cuts and such to prevent infection. However, you should not forget that antibiotics will also kill GOOD bacteria in your system, such as the ones in the digestive system and in a woman's vagina. There is a wide range of antibiotics that can be taken in pill form, and, as far as I am aware, they are only available through a prescription from your doctor. Some mild topical antibacterial cream are however available in pharmacies.
In 1928 Alexander Fleming found a medicine that can kill bacteria he got it from mould.


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What are the importance of bacteria on medicine?

The bacteria on or in medicine fights any harmful bacteria making you ill.

What is the bacteria that make medicine to kill bacteria?


What waves are used to kill harmful bacteria?

ultraviolet waves kill bacteria on food

Why is bacteria in storm water harmful?

Bacteria in storm water can definitely be considered harmful. This is because this bacteria is hard to kill and foreign to your body.

Heating a liquid to kill harmful bacteria is called?


What is done to milk to kill harmful bacteria?

they heat and then they taste it

What element is pumped into drinking water in treatment plants to kill harmful bacteria?

It's chlorine that kills the harmful bacteria in drinking water.

Can saliva kill bacteria?

Well there are lots of helpful, symbiotic bacteria in your saliva that help kill lots of harmful bacteria and viruses; so in a way, yes.

What medicine used to kill bacteria and other microorganism?


What is a process of the food industry that is used to kill harmful bacteria?

A process of the food industry that is used to kill harmful bacteria is pasteurization. Milk is made to last longer and control bacteria through pasteurization. Any product containing eggs is pasteurized to control bacteria.

Will potassium permanganate kill bacteria?

Yes !! Its an oxidizing agent that kills both good and harmful bacteria

What process kills harmful bacteria without much effect on the taste of the food?

the medicine

Does cooking eggs kill bacteria?

Cooking any food at more than 160 degrees Celsius will kill off any harmful bacteria.

How do antibiotics affect bacteria?

They only kill the harmful bacteria in our bodies, so the bacteria ones survive and create more antibiotics stronger bacteria.

Why are some bacteria not harmful?

bacteria is not all harmful in actuality bacteria actually live inside of you the bacteria in your stomach make vitamins for your body which are essential for your survival. That is why after taking antibiotics you must east yogurt because yogurt has live bacteria in it that replace the good bacteria you lost from the medicine

Kitchen Surface cleaners claim to kill 99.9 of bacteria so how many harmful bacteria does this leave?


What effects does antibiotics have on helpful bacteria?

Antibiotics are generally non-discriminatory. They kill all bacteria-harmful and helpful.

Why does water need to be boiled when bacteria are found in the water system?

Because the bacteria can be harmful to health and boiling will kill them.

What is the type of milk called when it is heated to kill harmful bacteria?

pasteurized milk

What is added to water to sterilise it?

Chlorine is added to water to kill harmful bacteria.

How did antibiotics change the way you fight disease?

antibiotics kill harmful bacteria

What medicine is made by an organism to kill another kind of organism?

Mold makes penicillin to kill bacteria.

Do snails kill frogs?

No, snails don't kill frogs they actual help frogs by eating harmful bacteria.

Is bacteria in compost harmful?

Yes. Most bacteria is not harmful to us such as bacteria in a yogurt, but some bacteria is harmful.

Bacteria greatly out number harmful bacteria?

Yes. Most bacteria is not harmful to us such as bacteria in a yogurt, but some bacteria is harmful.