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I've read studies that suggest frequent use of aspirin, ibuprofen, and similar pain pills can cause a miscarriage. It is just possible that they can but you would have to take enough to cause YOURSELF serious damage before you miscarried. OR you may cause damage to the baby without having a miscarriage. DON'T try it.

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Q: What medicine can lead to a miscarriage?
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Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

What medicine should be taken if you have miscarriage?

If you've started miscarrying there is no medicine to take unfortunately.

What kind of medicine that cause miscarriage? insert.

What is a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is a spontaneous expulsion of a human fetusIf your asking about an abortion it is aka induced miscarriage, where the fetus or embryo is is being miscarriage due to a medicine or surgery.when you are suppose to have a baby, but then it dies inside of you.

Can shaking the belly cause miscarriage?

Yes, if the tummy is shaken strenuously it might lead to miscarriage..

Can drinking tea made from parsley seeds cause miscarriage?

Parsley is considered a uterine stimulant, which may lead to miscarriage.

Can riding an airplane early in the stages of pregnancy lead to a miscarriage?


Can migraine medicine cause miscariage?

Yes, some Migraine medicines can result in miscarriage.

What medicine cause a miscarriage?

As such it's not medicine that can cause miscarriage, but you should have been advised by you doctor what to avoid. You should stay away from ibuprofen and vitamin A, caffeine, illegal drugs, cold & flu relief medicines. hope this helps, consult your doctor

What to do if eaten papaya in pregnancy?

Papaya is a hot fruit, It may lead to miscarriage.

What prescription drugs cause miscarriage?

The medicine for abortion is Mifepristone and Misoprostol but ANY medicine you plan to take when pregnant you have to check with your doctor first, prescription or no prescription.

How much medicine with 500mg do you take to miscarriage?

There is no medicine you can take to cause a miscarriage. To try to is illegal and extremely dangerous to your health. Find someone to talk to. In the USA Planned Parenthood will help you, and in the UK look up British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) in the Yellow Pages.

What is the name of miscarriage medicine?

If you want to induce a miscarriage, have one on purpose, that is called an abortion. You have to see a doctor for that. if you live in a place without a safe abortion provider you can go to womenonweb and talk to a doctor there.

How do they abort a child?

By medicine where a miscarriage is induced or surgery where they suck the womb clean or scrape it first and then use suction.

How can youforce a miscarriage?

That is called an abortion and it can be done by medicine up to the 9th week and after that by surgery. You have to see a doctor to have it done.

Does application of golden rule lead to miscarriage of justice?

This is an opinon question that cannot be answered factually.

Can you use tampons during a miscarriage?

No, you can't use tampons during a miscarriage.During miscarriage uterus lining and embryo/fetus is being expelled, holding that material inside your vagina is not a good idea. During miscarriage the cervix is open so it's easier for infections, like those caused by tampon use, to get into the reproductive organs which can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Also during a miscarriage you don't know what absorbency to use, both this and experiencing a miscarriage itself could lead to a much greater risk of developing toxic shock syndrome.

Can sperm damaged by alcohol use cause a miscarriage?

Yes. Abnormal sperm are less likely to fertilize an egg and more likely to create a non-viable embryo which can lead to miscarriage.

Can ex-lax cause a miscarriage?

While it is not very likely that ex-lax would cause a miscarriage, it is possible. The cramping which laxatives cause could theoretically cause uterine spasms and lead to a miscarriage. It would be best to talk to your doctor if you are having difficulties.

Can you take b12 injections while pregnant?

usage of b12 may lead to miscarriage some times

How do you know you are done with a miscarriage at 7 weeks?

If you have a miscarriage usually your doctor or local ER will perform a d&c to remove whatever is left. you need one or you can get a bad infection which can lead to infertility

What is lead iodide used for?

Lead iodide is used in photography, medicine, printing, mosaic gold, and bronzing.

What medicine can cause miscarriage?

What kins of meds cause miscariage

How can you get miscarriage?

Natural miscarrige is when Mother Nnature takes care of it and it usually happens in the first trimster. Then it´s usually due to the fetus being unable to live. There are also accidents so you get injuried which in some cases can cause miscarriage. Induced miscarriage aka abortion is when you force it happen using medicine or surgery. You have to see a doctor for that.

How does pre-eclampsia work?

This just means hypertension in pregnancy, although it may lead to eclampsia/fit/miscarriage.