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Loose wire or bad speaker.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-01 14:12:17
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Q: What might be the problem if a rear left speaker doesn't work but all the other speakers work fine in a 1995 Chevy Blazer?
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Colors of speaker wire to speakers?

no it doesnt matter for large house speakers but if you have little speakers hooked up to something small then it will matter.

Stereo was stolen you installed new stereo and speakers do not work?

make sure the speakers werent stolen first off then try new wires from the stereo to a speaker that you are sure works. if that speaker doesnt work take your stereo back

Does the iPod touch 8GB has a built-in speaker?

The apple Ipod touch doesnt have any built in speakers. you have to listen to the music in your earphones. but if you do want to hear music out loud you buy a special speaker for it its really cheap SIMPLE!!!!!!!!

How do you fix my home tv stereo speakers which have developed a loud humming noise and appear to be disconnect from the system?

One of the connections is loose or one wire is touching two terminals at the same time. You have a short of some kind in the connection to the speakers. Reconnect all the speakers. If that doesnt work try new speaker cables.

How do you know if an you touch is first generation?

it doesnt have speakers

Why doesnt your speakers always turn on on harley Davidson?

your speaker always don't turn on to Harley Davidson because some people don't know how to and other people just don't know who that is. By:Cierra Currier

Which speaker wire is the negative the gray or the gray with white striped?

The Speaker wire to use as the negative really doesnt matter when installing new wire as long as all speakers are hooked up the same way. Normally though most people use the solid colored wire as the negative.

Why doesnt your speakers work after batt replacement?

because you're an idiot.

How far away from a pc tower should 6 inch stereo speakers be?

It doesnt really matter how far your speakers are from the tower.

The speaker wont work while everything is good why?

not an answer but this is the info : my speakers are plugged in and turned ON. the green light is even on. somehow it doesnt make a sound on any thing with sound . the speakers are in perfect shape and condition. i see this thing called "realtek HD audio manager" that is where i need to fix something (i think). if it is what do i do there ? if not then where and how do i fix it ?

How do you charge your idog?

The idog is a speaker and doesnt charge, but take betteries.

Does the zune HD play outloud?

No, the zune hd doesnt have a buit in speaker.

Your speaker system right speaker doesnt work?

Turn the power off, disconnect the speaker wire from both front speakers, connect the right speaker wire to the left speaker, at this time the original left speaker wire should be laying in the floor not connected to anything, be sure not let the paired speaker wires TOUCH each other. Turn the power back on and turn up the volume to normal level. If you hear sound from the Left speaker, one would tend to think the Right speaker might be bad. If you Don't hear any sound, the amplifier or speaker wire might be bad or a poor connection. IF there is a Balance control, be sure it is in the middle and not turned all the way to the left, which would cause the front right speaker not to have any sound.

1What is the way to approach a computer problem?

Depends on the problem, doesnt it?

Why doesnt my phone speaker not work proper?

It's broken, take it to a repair shop

Can you update the i touch to an iphone?

NO! the itouch doesnt have the ear or speaker part in it. all different mechanisms

What are advantages and disadvantages of speakers?

nothing is wrong about speakers beside they all are terrible do not buy speakers that are black the sound doesnt beats speakers in white its the only way to have good sound.....small disadvantage would be that you need speakers that match your amp. So you can have very expensive amp with very expensive speakers sounding worst then cheaper combination

What is the next step if gravity bleed doesnt fix the problem?

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How can you hear sound from headphone from your PC?

Well if your computer doesnt have a built in speaker system, you can only use headphones or buds to hear it, unless you buy a speaker system that you can plug in.

96 4x4 s10 blazer it try's to go in to 4wheel drive but doesnt?

relay switch on dash is not ingaging tran case

Back speakers are dead in a 95 sunfire how do you tell if it is a short in a wire or bad speakers?

Items required----9 volt battery, or really anything bigger than a AAA battery, speaker wire(couple of feet at the most) First, unplug the speaker terminal from the back of the speaker. Cut the ends of your speaker wire so that you have exposed wire(2 1 ft pieces of wire) on both ends. Wrap bare wire around speaker terminals, both positive and negative sides(doesn't matter which is which), making sure the wires will not fall off. Now take your battery, and touch one wire to the positive side of the battery and one to the negative side(again, it doesnt matter which wire goes where). If you hold the negative side and brush the positive side, or vice versa, you should get some crackling noise out of your speaker. If you don't, the voice coil in your speaker is fried and you need a new one. Hope this helps!!! oh yeah, connect the wire to the terminals on the speaker, not the wiring harness. Pretty simple to figure out, but wanted to clarify. ==Because...== BOTH speakers are dead, I would suggest also checking the fader control on the radio, just to make sure you aren't faded all the way to the front. It that is the case, you could test and replace speakers 'till the cows come home but still wouldn't hear a thing.

Your 2002 truck 1500 doesnt switch from defrost to vent?

Most likely a vacuum leak turn on the vehicle and listen in the engine compartment and listen for the sound of air escaping from a hose. Replace the hose and your problem should be fixed (i had this happen to my 1993 s10 blazer)

If your Honda Prelude doesnt start what is the main problem?

The Manufacturer

Does surround sound use six channels?

it has 5 but the .1 channel doesnt count as a speaker because it is a subwoofer