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After a while the pressure will leak from the condenser until it is not enough to condenser and make air cold and will need to be recharged...

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โˆ™ 2007-05-20 23:22:46
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Q: What might cause a 1996 Suburban to blow only warm air when Ac is on No leaks and pump works?
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Check the 96 Blazer for any vacuum leaks in the system. A vacuum leak can cause the air flow to only come out of the heat vent.

How can you fix a 2001 Chevrolet suburban fan that works only on the highest setting?

Hi There, I have a 1999 Suburban that has a fan that works on all settings BUT high. I tore the dash aprt and replaced the switch. It still doesn't work on High. I know this doesn't directly answer your concern but I wriote this in hopes that it eliminates a variable for you

What is wrong if your blower fan motor only works on high speed on a 2002 Chevy suburban?

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Roll down the window. I just replaced all the parts myself, and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. AC System is expensive to work on, and you have to know what you are doing so you wont have leaks.What happened, is you got a leak somewhere, and chances are your compressor is bad. When your system doesn't have any freon in it, it has a pressure switch that will not allow the compressor to turn on. You have no way of know whether it works or not until you fill it. Take it to a shop, have them fill it to pressure, then see if it works. If it does, then you have a leak, if it doesn't, your compressor is broken.

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I have the same problem in a 1999 K2500 with the LT package. Any ideas?

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either the fan switch is faulty, or the fan itself is faulty. most likely to be the switch

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you have a bare wire touching on your blower motor

The floor on the drivers side ends up wet when it rains. any idea where it could be leaking from other then the floor boards you think it leaks in the trunk to cause small amount of mold growing?

It souns like a bad seal/gasket around your windsheild. you might have to go to the auto glass place and have them reseal you window, before rust starts---- if you have water in your trunk that might be the inner seal or a wheel well has some rust holes that cause water to get in ,,pull up the rug and look for cracks in the seams and up and around in the wheel wells. clean the mole with bleach. hope something works for ya sandi MN

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