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Do guine pigs eat scones?

They can but it might make them sick. Might not want to try it.

Why wont the baked good rise?

it might be a good idea to add some baking powder or soda to your baked goods. This might be why they don't rise

Why are buttermilk scones important to Irish culture?

I'm speculating here but as I made some scones last night I couldn't 't help but wonder if there is an economic component to the importance of these scones to the Irish. When you look at the simple and inexpensive ingredients, might the buttermilk scones have come to be a staple in the diet during the famine? My great-grandmother, Kitty Boyd, made the best buttermilk scones the world has ever seen and I suspect her family was among those who were affected by the potato shortages.

How do you say baked in Italian?

If you mean baked as in high, I'm not 100% sure, but you might be able to say "cotto".

What is baked in the present tense?

I bake. To bake.Additional information:When the word is used as an adjective, describing a type of food, it is always in the past tense: Baked chicken, baked macaroni, baked apples.The word is in the past tense because the food being described was baked in the past - or possibly, it will have been baked. "We plan to have baked chicken for lunch tomorrow."The word generally is used in this way for foods that might be prepared in a number of different ways. Chicken might be stewed, roasted or baked. Apples might be raw, fried, candied or baked. One would not describe cake, cookies, pies or muffins with the adjective "baked," because those pastries have no other way of preparation. They are always baked, so the adjective is not needed.

Which metal might we wrap in a baked potato?

Aluminum (foil)

Why wont your veiled chameleon change color?

It may be sick or stressed out. If it sheds then that might cause stress

In what foods do you find salmonella?

foods that have egg in them and is raw. so fresh baked cake wouldn't have salmonella becase it's baked but the batter might it's not cooked

Why do you have wet streaks through the cake after baked?

Wet streaks in a baked cake might indicate improper mixing or not enough mixing to blend the various ingredients together.

What is tart cherry juice good for?

It might be good for baked goods or a smoothie.

What senses might the pleasures of baked goods involve?

Smell and taste. Sometimes sight.

What might cause a Gram variable reaction?

It might cause reaction in staining and cause accident

Is it bad to have light green vomit?

Nah. Usually it's the color of whatever you ate before. But it might be mucus if you have a cold or are sick. Cause of drainage. If its black you might wanna check that out.

Do you put sugar on scones?

I tend to put butter on ,its nice with jelly and gravy ,so sugar might work.You should try poo that tastes nice to.

What foods might you find carbohydrates in?

Mainly in starchy and sugary foods, such as bread and baked goods.

What is the glycemic index of a baked jacket potato?

not really sure! but i think it might be erm... vampires!

What was the origin of cakes baked?

It is not possible to say what the origin of baked cakes might be, since many civilizations have been baking all sorts of cakes since the earliest days of pre-history.

What color is Cheyenne?

They might be in any color Dr William

Is wax paper toxic if you baked with it?

No, it is edible if you had to. It might upset your stomach if it was actually burnt/blackened if you overbaked it.

Can 2 cheesecakes be baked at the same time?

Yes it can e but I suggest you not to because the heat might not be evenly spread so it might be under cooked!1

What color is a ellipse?

An ellipse is a shape. it can be any color. You might as well ask about the color of a square.

What is Matt hardy favorite color?

his favorite color might be pink

How many baked beans do you need to feed 100 people?

A half a cup of baked beans is a serving. To serve 100 people, you would need about 50 cups of baked beans. You might want to make a little more to account for people taking more than one serving.

What might cause your upper rib cage to constantly feel sore?

A broken rib might cause that.

What might cause you bonkers?

what might cause me bonkers is a crazy dog barking and the dog will never stop

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